Voice Chocolate | Inspiration for Valentine’s Day from Japan


The chocolates from Voice Chocolate are all unique chocolates made on the basis of your voice. The idea came from the Japanese telecom company NTT DoCoMo, especially for Valentine’s Day 2017. People could record a short message through an app that is eventually formed into chocolate. The recipient scanned this message in the unique chocolate bar in a AR app that reads the design and plays the original message.

Voice Chocolate Data visualization that communicates emotions

We have never heard of chocolate that is made on the basis of the vibrations and pitch of your voice!   The idea for ‘Voice Chocolate’ originates in Japan where it is marketed to give people the opportunity to show their feelings to another. The Japanese telecom company NTT DoCoMo designed this app for Valentine’s Day 2017. The AR app creates patterns based on vibrations in your voice, resulting in unique digital visualizations. All 3D visualizations are unique, so there is only one chocolate in the world that is designed for your loved one.

How does Voice Chocolate work?

You enter a short message via the app. The vibrations and pitch of your voice are then used to create the design. The design is mapped using 3D technology and turned into a piece of chocolate. Upon delivery, the recipient can scan the chocolate with the AR app that scans the design and plays the original message.

Website: Voice Chocolate

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