Communicating with your guests before the opening


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Nikie Houben, manager of the Terhills hotel in Maasmechelen is already busy tweeting about the hotel. Whilst the opening is planned for March 2015, she already inspires with her tweets.

Communicating with your guests before the opening

Recently we read a tweet from Nikie Houben who is the – Guest Loving – hotel manager of the Terhills Hotel. She tweets about preparations leading up to the opening of the new hotel by the ‘Different Hotels’ group. Mood Boards, products from suppliers, photos of the property, inspiring lyrics and so on. We often see that entrepreneurs / managers are so busy in the pre-opening process that they forget to communicate about it or outsource the communication to an agency. The beauty of communicating about the project you are working on, is the fact that it shows your commitment. The enthusiasm of Nikie is a great inspiring example, we really believe she is a guest loving hotel manager.

Quote of Nikie Houben

“At Terhills Hotel it’s all about the experience. A personal and friendly approach and contact is very important! So the sooner you get to know your guests the better. This way the Terhillls Team will also be able to respond to the taste and needs of its future guests. And isn’t it fun when you feel this on arrival?!”

Terhills Hotel

This new lifestyle experience Hotel is located in the former main building of a coal mine in Eisden, part of the city of Maasmechelen. The hotel offers a cocktail of fashion (located near Maasmechelen Village, Outlet Shopping), nature (National Park Hoge Kempen), comfort and culinary enjoyment. It includes 60 luxurious rooms including 7 suites, a cozy bar with lounge corners and a spa in the neoclassical baroque style building. Designers from Limburg county contributed to the realization, Simoni Architects from Hasselt has made modern and clean lines in the building and the interior is provided by Dôm Deco from Dilsen-Stokkem.

Different Hotels

The Terhills Hotel is part of this hotel group which originates in Belgian Limburg. The group has a total of 11 hotels in Limburg and Antwerp.

Recruiting staff

Last year the nhow hotel in Rotterdam had some interesting pre-opening communication as well. The hotel opened in January 2014 and launched a recruitment party in 2013. Next to communicating with your guests you can start a conversation with potential suppliers and staff as well.

An Airbnb with as host the KLM


KLM listed an MD-11 as ‘Spacious Airline Apartment’ on Airbnb

The Dutch carrier KLM has teamed up with Airbnb for a promotion in which aviation enthusiasts can win a night’s stay in Amsterdam. The lodging would be inside one of the airline’s just-retired MD-11s. It’s listed on Airbnb as a ‘Spacious Airplane Apartment’ in Amsterdam. Airbnb says the Wi-Fi equipped two-bedroom lodging option also comes with two kitchens, a living room, eight “small” bathrooms, 116 windows and “a giant cockpit panorama window”. Unfortunately flying is prohibited. The Airplane Apartment is available for three nights only, Nov. 28-30 2014.

Pizza inspiration from Australia, the Mogul


If you live in Australia you can create your very own pizza for the Domino’s Pizza menu! You have to share it online with friends and family and earn a slice of the profit for every pizza you sell. This is possible at Domino’s Pizza new brand – Pizza Mogul.
If you’re living in Australia you could create your Mogul pizza and publish it on the Mogul app. At the app you find a lot of very special combinations! These pizza-entrepreneurs could make money with their creations, how much depends on how often your Mogul pizza is sold. An indication; Domino’s sold more than 12.000 Mogul pizza from the ‘Pizza Master’. The chain does encourage the contestants to donate to charity. Domino’s Pizza is very happy with this marketing experiment, they even created a Mogul Masterclass!

Use the #selfie in your benefit


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The luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris created a new example of the use of the #selfie that benefits both the company as the consumer.

Marjolein wrote about it in the beginning of September; the #Selfie as a trend. In that article she provides a few examples, recently she spotted a new one from the luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. The hotel launched a ‘Selfie in Paris’ campaign in August 2014. Offering their guests a tour of Paris’ best selfie spots with a private car and driver.

The best #selfie time is yet to come

As from the end of November it will be booming with all the #Christmas decoration #selfies on the social media. In front of the Christmas Tree on famous spots, with the decorated windows at all the big warehouses et cetera. Make use of this #selfie trend by creating the perfect Selfie spot in your restaurant or hotel. As city you can organise your own best selfie spot tour to promote your most photogenic spots as well.

NIVEN’s new kitchen


In the beginning of October chef Niven Kunz started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new kitchen in his Michelin starred Restaurant NIVEN. He hopes for your support in co-funding the renovation of his kitchen. He needs to raise € 50.000,- for the kitchen including a chef’s table with room for 12 guests.

Several ways to back the project

You can pay € 60,= for a 10 course tasting table or reserve the entire chef’s table for one night for € 1.250,=. After Christmas, the restaurant is closed for remodelling. Co-funders can come and eat when the renovation is completed, early 2015. It’s also possible to order the Niven 80/20 cookbook (only available in Dutch) or a bottle of NIVEN’s liqueur, The Gold Selection.
Niven Kunz quotes about the crowdfunding campaign: “Because of the fact that I’m active on social media, all my guests are involved with my restaurant. This action will only increase this. Isn’t it great to be able to tell that you have helped with the renovation of a kitchen in a restaurant?” The action will continue until 8 November and the fund raised so far is € 7.000,- (29 October).

New website

The new website of restaurant NIVEN recently launched. It’s a minimalistic website with a prominent role for the suppliers of the restaurant, with beautiful pictures by Daniel Maissan.

About the chef

Niven Kunz is a chef with an eye for great ingredients. He uses 80% of vegetables and 20% meat or fish in his dishes.

Storytelling around the menu at DiverXO


To promote the opening of restaurant DiverXO (3 Michelinstars, chef Dabiz Muñoz) at the NH flagship hotel in Madrid, this inspiring movie has been published. In the film, six guests are bored at first, but go wild after eating the creations of the chefs. The chefs show how the dishes are prepared and presented as well.

Passion, emotions and experience around the table.

The movie shows passion, emotion and experience in a modern and artistic way. Storytelling to the max. You want to have dinner at the restaurant with the most dull people you know, just to experience their change while eating and drinking! The video takes about 10 minutes, but it’s definitely worth watching.

Share the taste of Vadouvan of Jonnie Boer


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From 6 to 12 October home cooks could win a special prize by sharing the taste of Vadouvan by Jonnie Boer with their neighbors. The 20 home cooks who shared the most meals with Vadouvan, won a cooking workshop at the Librije(***) worth of € 95, -. The workshop will take place at the end of this year and gives the winners the opportunity to cook in a professional kitchen. During the workshop, the 20 winners will prepare three dishes featuring the Vadouvan spices of the ‘Original Spices’ line by Jonnie Boer. The master chef himself will provide the winners with tips and preparation techniques.

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Connect with other hotel guests by HelloTel


The new app HelloTel is developed for people who are traveling alone and are looking for companionship. By using HelloTel you can see who is staying in your hotel as well and is looking for contact. The app is ideal to avoid uncomfortable situations where you approach someone who isn’t interested in a chat.

The HelloTel app

HelloTel is easy to use: check yourself in at the hotel via the app, and specify the reason you’re there (business or leisure). Then you will receive an overview of people who stay in the hotel as well and you are free to contact them. You can select the guests by the reason they’re there, for business or leisure, in this way you can select the companionship you are looking for: you can network with other business guests or meet up for a drink with people who are at the hotel for their holiday. The app also provides an overview of activities to do in the neighborhood.

Gastronomixs goes international


During this year’s Chefs®evolution, the international website was launched. Gastronomixs is already familiar in the Netherlands and used by a lot of Dutch topchefs. Gastronomixs is an online platform filled with ideas, recipes and inspiration about food. It inspires chefs to create new dishes or to adapt existing recipes. This website contains all the classic cooking methods but also the latest techniques all ordened by ingredient or product. is designed to simplify the culinary creative process! Watch their video for more information.

How much was your stay worth?


  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam
  • Dorint Airport-Hotel AmsterdamDorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam

To promote the renewed Dorint Airport-Hotel Amsterdam launched a promotional campaign which allows guests to pay whatever they think the stay was worth. In terms of ‘how much was your stay worth?’ the hotel offers guests an overnight stay in one of the renovated rooms. On 24, 25 and 26 October, you can book a room, give online feedback and decide what you want to pay.


This temporary pay-as-you-wish concept gives guests the chance to get acquainted with the hotel. It is also an ideal way for Dorint Airport-Hotel to receive feedback from their guests. And if guest share their positive experience through their social media, it’s quite a great way to promote the remodeled rooms.

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