Trends we spotted this week – week 15


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At the redaction of Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, bungalowspecials starts with a WhatsApp concierges, Sergio Herman’s Frites atelier and this summer you can pay with your fingerprint in Japan.

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Equitable: this app discriminates while dividing the bill


No more entrenched discrimination that exist in our society. This apps divides the amount of money that needs to be paid at the end of an evening out. Not everyone will like this as the app is dividing the bill based on salary differences between you and your table partners.

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A new job at hotels: ‘photo ambassador’


A photo ambassador? Yes a photo ambassador! A new twist to the longline of ideas, trying to influence the quality of pictures from your hotel. For the ‘photo ambassador’ you have to check in at the Four Seasons Resort at Maui. And if you watch the video above, you will have to agree that there must be great spots at this resort to take photos.

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No more ‘broiler chicken’ in grill restaurant Gauchos


  • Deze kippen vind je niet meer terug bij Gauchos

Restaurant chain Gauchos has banned the ‘plofkip’ out of their twelve locations in the Netherlands. ‘Plofkip’ is the term we use in the Netherlands for a broiler chicken. Since last week you will only get chicken who are having a ‘Better Life quality’ mark. ‘Wakker Dier’ to be translated as ‘Awake Animals’ is a Dutch animal welfare organisation. They started a campaign in order to get as many restaurants as possible ‘broiler chicken free’.

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Waking up between sharks with Airbnb’s ‘A Night At’


A once in a lifetime experience: spending the night at a very unique accommodation. In the context of ‘A Night At’ campaign it is possible to spend the night in an underwater bedroom in the shark tank of Aquarium de Paris. This means you will wake up between sharks! Who dares? lees verder

Social Cinema: the short video


The role of short videos within the Social Media channels increases. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, videos are everywhere. With Periscope and Facebook-live, it‘s even possible to stream live. Some companies are taking this video trend to a next level and are using social media to create short films for entertainment or advertising. The name: Social Cinema. lees verder

Donut ice cream cones


Spotted on social media: donut ice cream cones. It’s one of the hypes if it comes down to ice cream! lees verder

Nutella Festival


  • Frietje Nutella van Piet Friet

What began as a joke on Facebook has now turned into the first Nutella Festival of the Netherlands, wich will take place on the 16th of July in Amsterdam. lees verder

The Vivino Wine Scanner


Almost 14 million wine lovers around the world are using the Vivino Wine Scanner app on their mobile phone. The app is getting more popular in Holland as well, considering the 500.000 user who installed the app lately. Recently we spotted an article on Springwise about the app and although the app already has a huge amount of users, we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look into how to use this as a consumer as well as a hospitality employee. lees verder

#RFWinterTale storytelling around the Christmas Season


The winter tales about Rudy the elk’s journey celebrating Europe’s Festive experiences. His journey is made even more special by the Rocco Forte hotels. Creating storytelling with the #RFWinterTale.

At the website of the Rocco Forte Hotel chain, you can find different stories about Rudy the elk, who is experiencing different elements of all the cities where the Rocco Forte chain has a residential hotel. In short all the stories are about Rudolph, the elk’s adventures while he travels through Europe. Every winter, he suffered the humiliation of being mistaken for a reindeer. So Rudy packed his bags for a grand tour through Europe, in order to educate the world about the mighty elk, which is definitely not the same as the reindeer. Even though his parents called him Rudolph….

Create your own story aroundRudolph, #RFWinterTale

As we write Rudy has already visited the Rocco Forte Astoria hotel in St. Petersburg, the hotel Savoy in Florence, the Villa Kenedy in Frankfurt and hotel Amigo in Brussels. Nice short bedtime stories to tell your kids, especially if they love to travel! At the website of the Rocco Forte chain you can create your own Winter’s Tale about Rudy. After sharing your tale at your social media channels, you can enter to win a 6-night stay at three of their luxurious properties, for two nights each.

About the Rocco Forte Hotel Chain

Established by Sir Rocco Forte and sister, Olga Polizzi in 1996, Rocco Forte Hotels is a family of 10 individual hotels and resorts in Europe. Located in Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, Rome, Sicily and St. Peterburg. Each hotel is a landmark and they’re all individual hotels with exclusive design and distinctive dining and service. The hotels are member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

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