Seedlip launches the first No & Low cocktail bar worldwide


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Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, and now launches the world’s first No & Low cocktail bar [N o l o]. An innovative and totally new bar concept that emphasizes the taste and ingredients of a cocktail instead of the alcohol percentage.

On 24 & 25 July, N o l o cocktail bar, can be found in a selection of the best bars in 15 of the most dynamic cities around the world.

No & Low Cocktailbar

Bars such as Dandelyan in London, Walker Inn in LA, PS40 in Sydney, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails in Amsterdam and Tjoget in Stockholm will present and serve their No & Low Seedlip cocktails simultaneously. The menu for the No & Low Seedlip cocktails is composed by the owners of the Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, Tess Posthumus (already 3 years in the top 10 best bartenders in the world) and Timo Janse in consultation with Seedlip. There are four cocktails on the menu, crafted by Tess and Timo supplemented with Seedlip creations. The event takes place at the Flying Dutchmen Cocktails on the singel 460 in Amsterdam on July 24 & 25 from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Seedlip | That’s what you drink when you’re not drinking

We wrote earlier about Seedlip, with the title: “What to drink when you’re not drinking”. Seedlip is blended & bottled in England, Seedlip has created a coveted bespoke maceration, copper pot distillation & filtration process for each individual botanical that takes 6 weeks. Seedlip’s spirits boast zero calories, are sugar-free, sweetener-free & artificial flavour-free, making a Seedlip & Tonic the credible adult alternative to alcohol if not drinking. The Seedlip head office is located in London. Seedlip has a high priority on nature and wants to change the way of drinking worldwide by pioneering with the first distilled non-alcoholic spirit in the world. Seedlip solves the ‘What to drink when you’re not drinking®’ dilemma with a refined and mature alternative to the mostly sweet or fruity options. Seedlip is served at prestigious cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants and retail in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne.

Website: Seedlip | Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

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