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With ShareOle you reward your customer for sharing pictures of your product or service. This way they guarantee you a higher organic reach on your social media channels and a massive exposure. It’s a new app created by a Dutch marketing company WASOE. Instead of investing in new customers, invest in your current customer and let them help you to reach new customers. Your customer has dinner at your place, makes a picture, shares it at Instagram with the hashtag #ShareOle and the name of the restaurant, the total likes will be translated in a discount!

ShareOle | Let your customers create your content 

Imagine for a second if every customer that enters your store made a picture of the product or service they consumed, imagine if they shared that picture with all their friends and that they tagged you on that picture and they did their best to get the most likes on it. Reality at Instagram! Let’s look at the facts. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. ShareOle makes it really easy for your customers to share their experience and they get rewarded to do so.

Snap: your customers take a picture of your product or service.

Share: they share it on social media and add you in the description.

Earn: ShareOle converts the amount of likes into discount.

Who Is Behind ShareOle? WASOE

WASOE understand that it’s human interaction that helps you to connect your brand to your audience. If you base your entire company and image on formulas, SEO algorithms and mathematical equations then your audience won’t resonate with you. They use these ground-breaking advancements to deliver solutions right to your audience while harnessing the digital world algorithms for success. Check out this video about how it works:


Website: Wasoe

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