With the GoPago app you don’t have to wait any longer for you coffee or sandwich. In San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas you can place your order by using this app. You search for a company, you place your order and pay with your credit card, all through your smartphone. Now you only have to pick up your order in the company.

Veggie Challenge


Four girls of the youth foundation Viva Las Vega’s initiated a challenge to stimulate people to eat less meat and fish for 30 days. The challenge starts at  June first and the website is only available in Dutch.

QR-code with Guinness beer


The beer brand Guinness created beer glasses with QR-codes which can only be seen with dark Guinness beer. By scanning the QR-code, you automatically leave messages on your Twitter and Facebook page, you check in on Foursquare and download coupons. Smart advertising campaign!

Alternative guestbook


In a Dutch radio program, Kunststof, guests are requested to make a statement of remark on a tile, as sign that they have been in the program. We saw this picture on pinterest, bit more complicated then leaving a review on a social media site but more fun! And perhaps it’s an idea to make nice compliment tiles on your terrace!



Plink is according to their own words the first-ever Facebook credits based loyalty program that rewards member with Facebook credits for dining and shopping at their favorite restaurants and offline retailers. For example Taco Bell, 7-Eleven, Outback, Burger King, Arbys en Drunking Donuts. In January of this year this app was launched and currently available in the US.

Think Oven Facebook Dominos pizza


Domino’s pizza has received a number of complaints, and to remedy this, they have a Facebook page placed the ‘Think Oven’. This allows people to share their ideas. The two people with the best ideas will receive a prize.

Pinterest campaign by Kotex


Kotex released worlds first Pinterest campaign where they found 50 influential women on Pinterest and sent each one of them a personalized gift, based on their interests and passions. These gifts drove social commentary across Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Internet access through Coca-Cola vending machine


At the Coca-Cola concept store on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, a soda machine has been installed that dispenses free mobile internet access instead of a beverage. The “Happiness Refill,” was created by three Ogilvy offices (Sao Paulo, Rio and Recife). To use it, consumers have to press their phone against the tap to receive data credits for free internet navigation on an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser. The browser provides access to Coke FM radio, social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and the weather forecast.

Plop up


No pop-up, but a Plop-Up wine bar, which opens this Sunday. No drivel about wine, but just let owners Cees Honig and Niels Heystek tell you what they think of a specific wine. Curious? Watch the Facebook-page where they reveal the location of this new wine bar.

Vote bar music with BarTune app


With the BarTune app,  guests can choose the music they want to hear. To do this go to one of the participating bars, login and pick their favourite song from the available tracklist.

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