Become a fan and choose your favorite burger


To create a social media fanclub, Café Causette of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Hong Kong) launches the mini-hamburger-campaign. Guests can vote for their favorite burger, and the winning burger deserves to be on the menu. Before guests can vote, they do have to become a member of their Facebook-page.

Give twitter back to the birds


A good example of a simple video that is a hit on the internet. Watch how Latvia (magazine) gives Twitter back tot the birds.

Foie Gras Hot Dog


A nice example of twitter for restaurants. Ryan Sutton, the NYC food critic for Bloomberg news, posted a photo from a small part of the menu of restaurant The Dutch in NY. As far as we could find The Dutch aren’t present on twitter so perhaps they find out that their dish, foie gras hot dog, is used as inspiration via Horecatrends ;-).

McDonald’s Paris interactive cube


McDonalds placed a 5 meter high cube in the centre of Paris. People could shoot and upload pictures, with the funny result that people saw their heads on different bodies. Watch the video!

Dominos and social media


Domino’s uses social media in an attractive and integrated way. When someone is tweeting something about dinner, Domino’s is using this for their marketing. Watch the movie.

Booking a trip through Facebook


GoFun is the first travel organisaton of the Netherlands that makes it possible for young people to book their travel through Facebook. GoFun provides advice and special vacation and entertainment offers. GoFun is a popular organisation among young people and known for the many pub crawls and party holidays they organise.

Thumbs up of chocolate



The chocolate brand Cadbury made an enormous Thumbs up of chocolate, because they received 1 million likes on their facebook page. Watch the movie for the building process. 

Share a Bite network dinner


Since November two young entrepreneurs are organizing dinners for young professionals and other entrepreneurs that want to combine a proper dinner with networking. Through the website it’s easy to check who the other table guests are thanks to an integration of Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ice breaker nowadays


During the Open’er Music Festival in Poland, Heineken gave away personalized stickers with QR-codes. The brewer wanted to stimulate more interaction between the visitiors and introduced the slogan ‘Open your world’. The ice breaker was called ‘U-code’ and was requested and printed 5.000 times in four days.

Stinngo easy tool B&B websites


It’s sometimes difficult to maintain a proper (reservation) website and run a Bed and Breakfast at the same time. Stinngo provides a user friendly web application to design and edit a B&B website that’s compatible with bookings via internet, mobile phones and tablets. Next to that the site is available in several languages and people can make reservations with Facebook. Subscription for VIP invitations are now available at

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