I love witlof | chicory


The witlof / chicory growers of The Greenery publish a social media cookbook with the most popular recipes. People can add these recipes to the Facebook page and ‘Like’ them during the I love Witlof campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to activate young females to cook with witloof chicory. The social media cookbook is available from September.

Grolsch festival challenge


Grolsch gives away free gadgets and tickets this summer. In the second challenge of the contest there are Lowlands tickets to win. The beer brand uses a mix of online, offline and mobile marketing for this promotion. Ads with QR-codes are placed at different blogs and websites each day, these locations are traceable by messages on the Grolsch Twitter account.

Message on a bottle


The the campaign ‘Say it With a Bottle’ is Heinz bringing back the old school message in a bottle. But this time it is not in the bottle, but on the bottle. Create your own on Facebook with this special tool and put your message on the bottle.

The ex-lover blocker app


DDB Brazil created this app for Guarana Antarctica, a Brazilian energy drink. Watch the youtube movie how the app prevends you from making the mistake to call your ex-lover in a moment of weakness.

Coffee drinkers ambushed by Orbit Chewing Gum


Chewing gum brand Orbitz claims to remove coffee stains on teeth. To promote their product, two mascots ran around town to visit people that checked in at local coffee shops via social media. The ambushed people got a chewing gum test kit and were stimulated to mention Orbitz on social media. Check the video.

Glorification by Grand Marnier


The summer becomes even better with the Sunset Taker app by Grand Marnier. With this mobile application you can give the photo’s the ultimate summer feeling by adding a sunset glow. You can download the app for free from the website. This app also contains a Sunset Shaker, where cocktail expert Simon Difford gives six different cocktail recipes.

How to use Pinterest in hospitality industry


Social Media KnowHow is a free digital magazine for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. The magazine is written in Dutch.

Foodzy linked to Evernote


Foodzy is an app that is designed to keep track of your eating habits. The developers recently integrated an Evernote login, making it possible to share recipes with others. Evernote is a digital scrapbook, accessable by PC, Mac and mobile phone. With this alliance it’s even easier to share recipes with friends, also if you’re in the supermarket for example.

Around the plate


At Horecatrends.com we regularly organize trend presentations. Recently we were invited by Our Common Food to inspire the teams. Take a look at the (Dutch) Prezi presentation here.

Tweet for your Ice Tea


Bos has launched this ‘The Incredible Sampling Robot’ for its brand Ice Tea. The machine works easy, stand in front of the machine with your Smartphone, tweet via Twitter #BOSTWEET4T and your free Ice Tea is coming.

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