The annual iG Nobel Prizes


Harvard University presents the annual iG Nobel Prizes on the 20th of September. The prizes are for respectable researchers that ‘make people laugh and then think’. The first satellite event in the Netherlands is in the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’, Leiden. The award show is live broadcasted. Before the show various Dutch researchers and scientists explain their funny or crazy research to the audience. The Hotel Leiden, Ibis Leiden Centre and Holiday Inn offer special package deals for this event.

Scratch your can of Palm beer



Beer brand Palm is challenging the Netherlands to show some creativity on a beer can. Scratch a can of Palm beer and send your design through Facebook. Palm will pick out the best design, which will be in store from next year. The winner wins a trip to London for 2 persons as well. Dutch tattoo-artist Henk Schiffmacher opened the contest by tattooing a beer can. Company SSSS & Orchestra developed this marketing campaign. Sending your design is still possible until the end of September.

BiteMe StreetDinner


More than fifteen home cooks joined forces to prepare a neighborhood dinner and take it to the Erasmuspark in Amsterdam on the 9th of September. 200 neighbors can experience each others kitchens from 14.00 to 18.00 o’clock.

Copy shop at Lowlands festival


Marketing agency Natwerk used a copy machine to get funny faces of visitors at Lowlands festival. The prints were used as wall paper and put on Facebook, where guests could vote on the most funny photos until the 31st of August.

Gift by DoubleTree Cocoa Beach Oceanfront


The Cocoa Beach team of DoubleTree Cocoa Beach Oceanfront asked one of its guests what brought him to the area. He mentioned that he took his son on a trip to the Kennedy Space Center and wanted to go surfing with him in the Atlantic Ocean for his 4th birthday. The team made a gift bag for the 4-year old and his father that consisted out of a gift bag, boogie board, banner, cupcakes and a birthday card.

A donkey as Wifi hotspot


At the historical park of Kfar Kedem in northern Israel, visitors can experience how the area felt in biblical times with 99% accuracy. With guides decked out in biblical robes and headdresses, tourists can experience the holy land of the Old Testament by riding donkeys through the world famous hills of Galilee. The park now provides social media and email— via a device around the donkey’s neck. The device, which looks as if it is a feedbag, is actually a Wi-Fi router, allowing guests to instantly share instagrams of their donkey-riding experience.

Ben & Jerry’s – Wanna Spoon?


Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s started a Facebook campaign for their Greek frozen yoghurt. The algorithm designed for this tool searches the ideal spooning partner according to your likes and interests to share the treat.

Connected Stadium WiFi at PEC Zwolle


PEC Zwolle is the first Dutch soccer club that offers free WiFi in their stadium. The club is developing a free app to create more interaction opportunities and (payed) services like extra information about the match, statistics and videos of goals.

Coca-Cola Content 2020 Initiative


This 17 minute video describes the Coca-Cola Content 2020 Initiative (C2020I). C2020I is a perfect example of Google’s videos about “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT) strategies that describe the shift of first contact moments for retail products due to the growing use of mobile devices.

Message in a bottle 2


This coming August 25th, VVV Texel (tourist information) will send the first Message in a bottle 2.0: a buoy will be thrown in the water and will be tracked through GPS. Everybody can send messages to this buoy through social media. The finder will receive all the messages and will win several prices, including a full-serviced trip to the Dutch island Texel. Where this buoy will be dropped, is still a secret and where it will reach the shore, is totally depending on the weather conditions. A nice example of cooperation.

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