Share a Bite network dinner


Since November two young entrepreneurs are organizing dinners for young professionals and other entrepreneurs that want to combine a proper dinner with networking. Through the website it’s easy to check who the other table guests are thanks to an integration of Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ice breaker nowadays


During the Open’er Music Festival in Poland, Heineken gave away personalized stickers with QR-codes. The brewer wanted to stimulate more interaction between the visitiors and introduced the slogan ‘Open your world’. The ice breaker was called ‘U-code’ and was requested and printed 5.000 times in four days.

Stinngo easy tool B&B websites


It’s sometimes difficult to maintain a proper (reservation) website and run a Bed and Breakfast at the same time. Stinngo provides a user friendly web application to design and edit a B&B website that’s compatible with bookings via internet, mobile phones and tablets. Next to that the site is available in several languages and people can make reservations with Facebook. Subscription for VIP invitations are now available at

Digital Twitter and Facebook Business Cards


No more loosing business cards! By using a Poken, information exchange is much more complete and easier. Watch the movie for instructions. 

Bagels jukebox choir in Leeds


This Christmas choir is sponsored by Bagel Nash, a bagel chain in the United Kingdom. In Leeds they went to four Bagel Nash shops to sing Christmas songs. People could request a song on Twitter or Facebook.

Like tip box


Burak Kaynak has designed a Like tip box. This physical version of the Like button on Facebook will probably get you extra tipping because a wink like this always works. On top of that, guests see that you’re active on social media, so prepare for more ‘real’ likes and free-publicity.



Twitterdrink is a new drink that can be served during network events. This blue drink is a mix of wine, coconut, mandarin and pepper. You can order this drink with your own QR-code.

Interactive Christmas tree illuminated by Holiday spirit


On the website you can find an online Christmas tree that is illuminated every time somebody leaves a Christmas message online. The tree reacts to social media, messages at the website itself, blogs, forums and news media.

Toronto snowman


To stimulate tourists to take and upload pictures of the city Toronto, the tourism agency of Toronto has come up with a campaign. At 21 strategic chosen touristic locations throughout the city, 2,5 meter high snowmen are placed, each in front of a famous building in Toronto. For each uploaded and liked picture, the campaign will donate to a charity.

Social media release; What is hot in 2012?


The National Restaurant Association (USA) asked almost 1800 professional chefs about their opinion of the trends for 2012. They said about 223 items if it was a hot trend, yesterdays news or a perennial favourite. The results of the survey tell us that healthy food for kids, the use of local products, sustainability and social media are really important in 2012. Check youtube or the whole article for more information.

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