Groups app The Happening popular among young people


The Happening is an app for creating useful grids and sharing locations or photos all in one.

The Happening

After setting up a dating app, Frank van Viegen and Jelmer Feenstra came up with the idea to create an easier group communication tool than Whatsapp together with colleague Emiel Mols. They developed the Happening app which has been downloaded more than 100.000 times already. Group discussions in Whatsapp can become lengthy scroll sessions, the Happening is easier to use and navigate.

Photo Hunt and Game Ranking

The app provides practical solutions to problems, combining a pick-a-date app, shopping lists, a photo sharing app and a latitude app. Its popularity is partly due to a Photo Hunt feature where users get assignments, for example to create a selfie while you hug a tree. One of the other viral features is a Ranking Game to rank friends in a top three with questions like “Who is the funniest when he’s drunk?”, the feature is quite similar to the television program ‘Ranking The Stars’.

On all devices and web interface

The Happening is available for both Android devices and Apple’s and downloadable in the Apple Store and Play Store. The app is available for Windows computers and Mac computers as well.


Website: Google Play 

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