Tres Hombres prepares a viral launch with Thunderclap


Thunderclap sends a message through subscribed social media accounts at the same moment. By requesting users’ permission to send via their social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it is possible to schedule a launch at one time.

Thunderclap social media distribution

The social media distribution tool shows who participates with the Thunderclap, it provides insight into the users supporting the message and creates a measurable reach. It gives the people joining a togetherness feeling because only the backers know about this upcoming ‘internet flashmob’ which can quickly provide be a trending topic. For the non-profit sector it is an interesting way to promote awareness campaigns by a “social contribution” instead of having to ask a financial contribution.

Sailing ship Tres Hombres

Using Thunderclap the crew of sustainable sailing ship ‘Tres Hombres’ will promote a campaign for organic coffee that the sailing ship will transport in 2016. Besides coffee, the ship was used to transport barrels of rum and chocolate with pure wind power over the ocean for the past five years. The ship can carry around 35 tonnes of cargo. Erik Rauws is one of the sailors Erik Rauws who has sailed along several times. He will join the sailing crew that will transport organic coffee from Costa Rica and created the sustainable coffee brand ‘Anemoi Coffee’. Half the ship is dedicated to cargo transport and half is used for passengers. People interested can join the crew on (a part of) the trip. The ship sails in the beginning of the summer in 2016 and a round trip takes about 5 months.

Anemoi Coffee by Sail

Share the Thunderclap by Erik Rauws and his Anemoi Coffee by Sail as well. The Thunderclap will be delivered on 11 September.

“We want to sail the most sustainable coffee in the world next year by sailing from Costa Rica to Amsterdam, join us!”

Bron: Anemoi Coffee

Website: Thunderclap

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