Mouthopia,Think With Your Mouth


McDonald’s has taken a fresh approach with their most recent advertising campaign called “Think With Your Mouth”. Created by New York-based ad agency Translation, the outcome is a series of 20-second videos, which all feature a Big Mac as the centerpiece. Each of the videos has a distinct style with the goal of appealing to a different segment of Internet users. With this tactic they aim to increase the number of people who are likely to click on any one of the company’s videos, thus increasing the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

The Ibis Snuggling Bunnies


The Ibis hotels introduced their most comforting hotel bed ever with this ad. More information at #ibisbunnies and if you like them at Facebook you can even see more exclusive behind-the-scenes YouTube videos.

Scrabble Wi-Fi


In Paris you can get free Wi-Fi by playing Scrabble on your phone. Paris has got quite a lot of places where Wi-Fi is not available, so Ogilvy Paris introduced the game Scrabble Wi-Fi. Scrabble placed three Wi-Fi hotspots in the city where correct spelling and creative use of language was rewarded. Create any word using up to seven letters for the password and the score will be converted into free Wi-Fi minutes. So the higher your score, the longer the connection.

Twitter concierge


The Manhatten hotel in Rotterdam adapts to the Twitter hype in the Netherlands. The hotel is the first hotel in the Netherlands who has a twittering concierge. The concierge Lesley Klavert keeps the guests informed by Twitter about tourist attractions, restaurants, nightlife and events in Rotterdam. Guests can also ask questions via the Twitter account @conciergeRTM. Through the Twitter by the concierge, the hotel can keep the guests informed even before they come to Rotterdam.

Wi-Fi during flight


KLM and Air France started offering on board Wi-Fi during a flight. KLM and Air France will run a pilot on board of two Boeing 777-300 aircrafts for one year. Thanks to the Wi-Fi service all passengers can use the internet through their smartphone, laptop or tablet to communicate with the outside world during the flight. Beside this, passengers can use a wide range of free services such as information about their destination and the airline or the latest news. Once the airplane is at a height of 6 km, the Wi-Fi is available. Passengers need to pay a fee of € 10.95 per hour or € 19.95 for the entire flight.

Banana Ambassador


To attract more tourists to Ecuador, the Ecuador Ministry of Tourism has launched the ‘Banana Ambassador’ campaign. Bananas from Ecuador are shipped worldwide and therefore the ideal marketing tool. Each banana has a sticker with a QR-code, when someone scans the code the promotional video of Ecuador is played. After the video the website of the Ecuador Ministry of Tourism is opened. With over 24 millions tons of bananas leaving Ecuador, the campaign has a wide range. A similar promotion could be launched by cities to attract tourists, by providing the local products with a QR-code. And what would happen if we put a QR-code of Holland on every package of our tulips?

Flying store E-mart


The Korean discount chain E-mart has launched a campaign which they want to attract more customers. E-mart developed a “flying shop” in the form of a truck balloon. The balloon flies around different locations, to reach customers not living near an E-mart location. People can connect to the balloon’s Wi-Fi signal and can directly download coupons with discount or purchase products via the mobile app. Through the action the sales in stores and the mobile sales increased.

Simons social experiment


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Eat every day at someone else’s place… Early this year Simon started his social experiment where he will eat every day at different places for one year. In return, he will paint a wall, cleans a house or he will bring something to eat or drink. Through his social experiment he discovers new tastes, meets new people and gets to know new places. Would you also like to cook for Simon? You can invite him at his Facebook page.

Live pizza process


Have you always been curious what goes on behind the scenes at Domino’s Pizza? Domino’s has installed five webcams at a Salt Lake City Domino’s location. When consumers order a pizza online, they can follow the pizza-making process from start to finish through, 12 hours a day. You can even zoom in on the dough, toppings or the oven. Domino’s added a new dimension to its transparency.

Toast en become Facebook friends


For years we’ve been making friends in the same way and make a toast. Now toasting has received an upgrade.. Toast with the Budweiser beer glass en become automatically friends on Facebook. Budweiser introduces the new beer glass ‘Buddy Cup’ with a chip that picks the signal of the nearest ‘Buddy Cup’. To connect the cup with a Facebook account, you need to scan the QR code at the bottom of the cup with a smartphone. When you toast, the red light will turn on and the toast is confirmed with a friend request on Facebook.

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