Starwood Preferred Guest advertises on Instagram


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Starwood Hotels & Resorts guest loyalty program Starwood Preferred Guest advertises on Instagram. It is the first advertising campaign by a travel brand on the social media platform. The campaign runs through February 4 on mobile and desktop devices. The photos used in advertising on Instagram are already published by the brands and promoted within the feed of people who don’t follow them.

Burger King gave away free Big Macs


The Norwegian Burger King has performed a remarkable campaign: they gave way free burgers of their competitor McDonalds as part of their Facebook campaign. The campaign was meant to test the sincerity of their fans. The fans could choose whether they remained loyal to Burger King or would go for a free Big Mac. When the fan chose for the Big Mac, the fan was removed from Facebook. Although the number of Facebook fans significantly decreased, the involvement and interaction with the fine fans increased.

Marriott Travel Brilliant


Marriott organized the Travel Brilliant competition in 2013. Recently the hotel chain started developing the winning idea by Anjanna of a healthy vending machine, with for instance olives and dried fruit, in London. The idea is not new, but it’s interesting how a large hotel chain like the Marriott will implement it. The company is focusing more on content marketing around the competition and got a deal with websites like Fast Company, Wired and Mashable to support this.

Reallifeinstagram in Utrecht


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There are seven real life Instagram signs placed around the new building of music stage ‘TivoliVredenburg’ in Utrecht, to give it more attention. Passers-by can make photos through one of the colored filters and share it via Social Media with the hastag #TivoliVredenburg and #reallifeinstagram. #reallifeinstagram was created by the Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro. He placed thirty cardboard Instagram signs with color filters nearby London’s attractions. He wanted to imitate the filters used by Instagram.

Eat to Meet


  • eat to meet

‘Eat to Meet’ is an online platform for offline dinners at a restaurant of your choice. Participants can fill in their interests and preferences and can choose in which restaurant they want to dine. This provides social contact and a pleasant evening. Participation is free of charge, but the costs for dinner must be paid. Eat to Meet organizes the dinners, but the goal is that the participants are going to organize their own dinners. The platform collaborates with a number of restaurants in the Netherlands, dinners mainly take place on less busy days.



Curious about someone else’s life? With PeekInToo you can look through the eyes of other users for 12 seconds. Select the user based on location to catch a glimpse of a sold out concert for instance or see if the party at your local disco has started already. Facebook and Twitter had a direct influence on spreading the ‘places to be’, this app allows you to have a realtime peek in a café of club. See the video.

Offline dinner


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This article is only available in Dutch. 

A wrapped metro


  • Sisaprod

Creative agency Sisaprod has surprised passengers of metro line 8 in Paris. With fuschia wrapping paper and tape, they have covered every surface on the inside of the metro. The metro was one big gift inside. With this action, the agency has gained a lot of publicity on Social Media.

Pinterest connects businesses to an interactive map


  • Pinterest

Pinterest has launched the new tool ‘Place Pins’ which makes the social media platform more interesting for small businesses. With Place Pins, users can add addresses and maps when they Pin an image. These are displayed on an interactive map. Make a Pinterest board with your favorite hotels and restaurants, for instance Paris and you can share this interactive map of Paris with other users. By clicking on ‘more information’ you will be directed to the Foursquare page or the hotel / restaurant website.

New Year’s Eve dinner at the Waldorf Astoria


  • Waldorf Astoria

Since 1931 the Waldorf Astoria NY has been a legendary destination for elegant New Year’s Eve celebrations. They now want to see how many Waldorf Astoria NY New Year’s Eve photos they can collect! They ask their fans at Facebook and their Twitter followers to find and post photos, everybody can vote and the person who did make or found the winning photo will receive a dinner for 2 at the Waldorf on New Year’s Eve! A great promotional campaign, simple to execute and who knows they might even run into some great photo’s from private albums.

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