The rainbow food trend in latte art


We’re following a couple USA based trend websites and they’re all showing the rainbow food trend. Because we’re not particular fond of the food colouring business, we never wrote about all those normal everyday foods that are popping up in rainbow colours. But although we don’t fancy drinking it, we have to admit some people are making great colourful latte art. We wonder when we’re going to get our first colourful coffee latte! 

Check out #rainbowfood on Instagram

An attack from the food colouring business! Formerly boring meals are transformed into something magical according to some bloggers. Some examples from the internet of the everyday foods in rainbow version, think of donuts, bagels, sandwiches, pancakes, ice creams, milk shakes and even rainbow pizza. In 2012, even a rainbow oreo (filled with pride) for a gay pride was created, well that’s a great gimmick don’t you think? Check out #rainbowfood on Instagram (more than 33.000 results).

Latte art influenced by the rainbow food trend

In April one of the first colourful latte art was spotted in Las Vegas at a coffee shop called Sambalatte. One of the baristas there created some mean multi-coloured latte art creations and won a lot of Instagram fans with it. Check their Instagram account @sambalatte as well. In the video above some great examples!

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