Use the Pokémon Go Hype! A list of examples.


  • Pannenkoeken restaurant 't Noorden
  • Pannenkoeken restaurant 't Noorden
  • De Postwagen in Tolbert
  • De Postwagen in Tolbert

Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle? Which Pokémons did you catch? Pokémon GO has been launched in Japan and Australia two weeks ago and is since this weekend also available in the Netherlands. Since there are so many people who are playing the game there are a lot of companies that try to pick up the hype, also in the hospitality industry. For example the Pokébal pancake in Aalten, free drinks for those who catch a Pokémon, a Pokémon GO bus tour, a Pokémon GO Festvial and people are even spotting Pokémons during the Nijmeegse wandelvierdaagse (a 4 day walkingtour). And most recently we spotted a Pokémon GO friendly hotel. See the list with examples!

1. Pokéball pancakes in Aalten

The already extensive pancake menu at restaurant ’t Noorden in Aalten (The Netherlands) added another pancake. The Pokebal pancake exists out of a slice of pineapple in the middle and Nutella as boarder. The kids are able to finish the pancakes with jam on the upper part and icing sugar on the lower halve of the Pokebal. The results are amazing! The picture was a huge success on social media as well. Enjoy your meal!

2. Free coffee if you catch one!

The Postwagen in Tolbert (The Netherlands) is a spot where a lot of Pokémons like to hide. Within no time guests caught some Pokémons in the restaurant. The staff thought it was time to congratulate the trainers! Everybody that catches a Pokémon in the restaurant gets a free cup of coffee or tea!

3. Pokémon GO Bus Tour

Brookhuis Bus Tours organizes a bus tour through Overijsel (region in the Netherlands) for Pokémon lovers on Tuesday the 9th of August. For only € 15,= the tour leads you across Overijsel with a lot of stops to catch Pokémons and to drink or eat something! A fun way to hunt for Pokémons on hills, water and the woods together!

4. The 100th Four Days Marches Nijmegen (the walk of the world)

At the pub ‘Van Ouds’ in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) Pokémon trainers are very welcome as well! During the annual walking tour they try to lure Pokémons to their terrace by using the so-called Lure Modules. This way they attract an above average number of Pokémon. The Pokémon trainers are able to charge their phone on the terrace and the fanatics are able to keep hunting on their Pokémon whilst drinking their free first beer.

5. Pokémons GO festival

The game is extremely famous so why not make a whole Pokémon GO festival? On Facebook is it possible for Pokémon trainers to sign up for the Festival. Up to 23.000 people already did! So why not organize a real festival! At the bigger and more popular festivals it’s also possible to catch some Pokémons, after all ‘you gotta catch them all!’. For example it’s possible to catch Pokémons at Mysteryland, more than 2600 signed up for this adventure. What is a better place to search for Pokémons than in recreation area Spaarnwoude?

6. The Mantra Group launched Pokémon Go friendly hotels

The Mantra Group has launched the world’s first Pokémon Go-friendly hotels in Sydney and Melbourne, encouraging fans to ‘Pokestop By Our Bar’ with free Pokémon Go Lures to increase their chances of catching one of the virtual pocket monsters. Read the full article at E-Hotelier.

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