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More than one million Dutch people use Snapchat currently. 56% of the users are between the age of 15 and 19 and 11% are between the age of 20 and 39. Only 2% of the people that are 40+ downloaded Snapchat. This is shown in the ‘Nationale Social Media Onderzoek 2016’, a Dutch research about Social Media. Would you like to attract a younger public for your business like a club, disco or leisure centrum? You should try-out Snapchat!

What’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is developed by students of Stanford University in 2011. With Snapchat you’re able to share pictures and video’s (of 10 seconds!), which your friends are able to see for only 24 hours. The App has around 8 billion video views daily, almost the same amount as views on Facebook.

Why use Snapchat in the hospitality industry?

To reach young people! And Snapchat is easy to spread news/messages. The pictures and videos won’t have to be perfect, since the pictures or videos are only visible for a limited amount of time. Apart from that, receiving a Snapchat is way more personal and spontaneous than for example seeing a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter message. The only thing to remember is that Snapchat is focused on young people, so it t won’t work for every business. Keep in mind that marketing at Snapchat is almost the same as on all other social media channels. We have some tips for you!

1. Behind the scenes

A lot of companies share behind the scenes information. For example, McDonalds used Snapchat before to share some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of a commercial they were filming. Smaller businesses could also try this! Introduce your staff, give information about your products or just tell your story!

2. Give discount

You could also use Snapchat to give people discount! Most of the younger people don’t have a lot to spend, so they’ll most definitely appreciate discount! Warby Parker also used this technique to sell their sunglasses. Via their Snapchat an URL was shown where Snapchat users could get discount for a limited time.

3. Share codes and passwords

Everybody wants to be special, so share a code or password where an offer can be found for Snapchat followers only. An extra drink, no delivery cost or a night at a club as a VIP? Think about it!

4. Free advertisement

Encourage guests to make a lot of Snapchats whilst they’re in your restaurant or bar! Snapchat is a social marketing tool and thus free advertisement. For example ( encourages their staff to Snapchat as much as possible during the holidays. A lot of people are following them and they love seeing it! In addition, Snapchat recently started offering geofilters for a small amount which can be used in certain spots. One of the suggestions Snapchat gives users; buy a filter for your birthday party, so everyone who passes can use the same filter. This is also ideal for parties or festivals. Watch this video on Youtube!

5. Feedback

Last but not least, ask for feedback through Snapchat. In comparison to other Social Media platforms, Snapchat remains private and you’re able to respond right away. Share the positive feedback and work on the negative ones!

Can you think of more ways to use Snapchat in the hospitality indu  stry? Let us know!

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