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Latte art to perfection, cappuccino served in a cone! Dayne Levinrad works at The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg (South Africa). He developed one of the Instagram trends of the moment: coffee in a cone. We already wrote about it in our ‘trends we spotted this week (21)‘ but when we made a round-up of all the ice-cream trends we spotted this summer we thought this trend deserved its own article.


Early January Dayne placed his first coffee in an ice cream cone with chocolate on Instagram, after which as many as 1 million photos were uploaded with the hashtag #coffeeinacone. He patented the coffee cone, so you can order these cones with Dayne Levinrad. Check out the Instagram account @coffeeinacone, it will show you how great it is for an ice cream parlour to serve coffee this way.

You could even serve your espresso in a edible cup, check out this link to the website of Refinery29 for an example.

Website: The Grind Coffee Company

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