Unique pictures with the magic photomirror


Are you throwing a party or getting married and do you want to give your guests an original photo to remember the night? Than the magic photomirror might be what you’re looking for. An interactive experience where your guest is photographed on a fun, unique and original way.

The magic photomirror

We all know the photobooths at parties, festivals or weddings. The photobooth has become more creative over the years, in some of them you’ll get a box full of clothes and accessories to dress up and make the craziest pictures! The magic photomirror takes it to the next level by making it an interactive experience. You can edit the pictures, do a screaming contest and directly share your photo on social media through the touch screen system. The magic photomirror prints your photo’s directly and creates a nice memory for your guests.

Check out the video for more information.

Website: Magic photomirror

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