The Vivino Wine Scanner


Almost 14 million wine lovers around the world are using the Vivino Wine Scanner app on their mobile phone. The app is getting more popular in Holland as well, considering the 500.000 user who installed the app lately. Recently we spotted an article on Springwise about the app and although the app already has a huge amount of users, we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look into how to use this as a consumer as well as a hospitality employee.

What can you do with the Vivino Wine Scanner?

The Vivino app makes it possible for everyone to evaluate wines and compare it with other wines. This can be done by simply scanning the label of the wine bottle. The software will recognize the wine and will give you basic information such as reviews from others, de average score of the wine and the price that comes with the bottle.

In fact, the dedicated wine lover can enjoy themselves with the app with the indicated grape varieties per wine and link the wine with matching food. You can even become owner of your own virtual wine cellar. The app will make you your own taste profile which could be useful for hospitality businesses.

 Applying the wine scanner in the hospitality

Bram Faber, sommelier at restaurant De Fuik in Aalst, is using the Vivino App as well: “During a lecture of the Vivino app founder I began to realize that there is a huge difference in what the consumer is scanning and the ‘wine professional’. I know that sommeliers are scanning a lot of white and red Bourgogne’s with high scores in their top ten’s. Which is strange considering the fact that you don’t see these wines in the top ten’s of consumers. Especially the information about the consumer is interesting. It is fantastic if you can compose a pairing wine food menu obtained with the information of their taste profile on the Vivino app”.

Bram himself is also scanning all the wines he tastes during his job. He especially likes to keep track of wine he tastes. Also the (hospitality) people who are connected with him on Facebook and Twitter are positive about the app and the way Bram is using it.

In short: install the app on your phone, pour a glass of wine and check out what the possibilities are with the Vivino App!

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