Donut ice cream cones


Spotted on social media: donut ice cream cones. It’s one of the hypes if it comes down to ice cream!

Bakery ‘Good Food’ in Prague sells these so called ‘chimney’s’, made of donut dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. These are filled with for example soft ice cream, nuts, chocolate, whipped cream, fruit and a lot more! Mashable says these pastries are a modern twist on the traditional Trdelník. A pastry that is made of grilled dough topped with sugar and walnuts.

DIY donut ice cream cones

So ice cream lovers, book a city trip to Prague to get a richly filled ‘chimney’! If you didn’t plan to go to Prague any time soon, you may like to try making these donut ice cream cones yourself. This video shows how!

Website: Good Food Bakery

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