Connect with other hotel guests by HelloTel


The new app HelloTel is developed for people who are traveling alone and are looking for companionship. By using HelloTel you can see who is staying in your hotel as well and is looking for contact. The app is ideal to avoid uncomfortable situations where you approach someone who isn’t interested in a chat.

The HelloTel app

HelloTel is easy to use: check yourself in at the hotel via the app, and specify the reason you’re there (business or leisure). Then you will receive an overview of people who stay in the hotel as well and you are free to contact them. You can select the guests by the reason they’re there, for business or leisure, in this way you can select the companionship you are looking for: you can network with other business guests or meet up for a drink with people who are at the hotel for their holiday. The app also provides an overview of activities to do in the neighborhood.

Website: HelloTel

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