Magic in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam


Yesterday, 22 September, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam launched yesterday a new marketing campaign. With the working title ‘magic’ the campaign shows the beauty of the collection and the beauty of the building. The campaign aims to show visitors that the Rijksmuseum is a place where people will be amazed and touched and where people love to be. A special aspect of the video is that it shows real people and true emotions. The music of the film is composed by violist Sietse van Gorkom and Sebastiaan Roestenburg of the Ambassadors especially for this movie. The composition was live recorded in the Passage of the Rijksmuseum.

Other viral marketing campaigns of museums that we have spotted over the years: an action of the Rijksmuseum where people could visit the museum via google in 2012 and a Street Museum app from the Museum of London in 2011.

Website: Het Rijksmuseum

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