What’s your choice? Apple or Pumpkin pie flavor?


Dairy Queen asked their fans to vote on which flavor the preferred; apple or pumkin pie flavor. in September, their more than 4 million members of the ‘Blizzard Fan Club’ and their guests voted for the pumpkin pie taste to win (54%). Members of the ‘Blizzard fan club “get a monthly email with the ‘Blizzard of the Month’ and at registration and anniversaries, they get coupons. One could vote at a specially created website; #VoteApple Or #VotePumkin. Earlier we saw a social media campaign from Pizza Hut, where customers could think of for the fictional perfume fragrance a name. What could you do to involve your guests via social media to your restaurant, nightclub or café?

Bron: nrn.com

Website: Dairy Queen

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