Selfies are here to stay!


Restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions can use the trends #selfies.

The Braggy

Regardless of your opinion, too narcissistic, often poor quality, you aren’t fond of those flashes of the phones of those young people, the #Selfie is incredibly popular. Especially during this holiday season it struck me how many people make selfies at tourist spots, in well-known restaurants, on the beach, drinking a cocktail etcetera and posted it on their social media channels. In America they already came up with a new term, ‘The #Braggy’, from to brag.

A handful of restaurants and hotels use the trend. They enthuse their guests to make selfies which include their location or brand. They make use of the fact that the guest will make photos or selfies with a special item in or around the location anyway. And since there is no better advertisement than word of mouth, in this case through pictures, it’s convenient to make use of this.

Example Surf & Sand resort

For example, the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach (Los Angeles) makes use of the fact that all guests take photos of the sunset from the balconies of the hotel. They have a contest for the best #surfsunsetselfie. The winner could win a stays of 2 days for 2 people.

At an ice cream shop screen, we saw only pictures of Instagram with #selfies; customers licking an ice cream and their description of the feeling of happiness underneath. No competition but in the summer this kind of #selfies are immense popular and the entrepreneur had one task; linking the selfies and display his Instagram timeline on the screens!

Fan of the week campaign

In the distant past (around 2009) we spotted the first companies that somehow made use of this kind of development. I remember Dunkin Donuts launched a ‘Fan of the Week Campaign’. They choose every week a picture of a loyal customer who interacted with the brand and used this picture as profile picture on their social media channels.

So Invent an action that will be popular amongst those up until at least 35 of age! Make sure that they want to be in a picture with your restaurant, your statue, your landmark, your hotel balcony, your bellman, your cocktails, your coffee, your patio, etcetera. Create a separate setting yourself to challenge your guest to take selfies or organize a contest! Provide a clear and understandable hashtag (#) and follow what happens with the selfies on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Create a new form of advertising, by enthusiastic guests!

Marjolein van Spronsen


Website: Surf & Sand Resort

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