Colunching is an idea developed by a young entrepreneur of Essezed Communication. Colunching is making a lunch-appointment with friends and their freinds on Facebook. This makes your virtual network more real. This concept is unique, because you select your lunchmates based on shared interests, work, culture etc.

Absolut GLIMMEr


The Absolut GLIMMER is this years’ limited edition. The bottle is covered with a crystal pattern and inspired by the idea of ‘making the present exceptional’. Through Facebook, consumers can win a pre-party. 

Snakes and Lattes


The café Snakes & Lattes in Toronto offers its customers a choice of 1,500 board games. It wants to increase the personal interaction between customers in the bar. The cafe therefore has no wifi.

Like Facbook in real life


On the three-day event Coca Cola Village in Israel, visitors wear RFID wristbands that are linked to their Facebook account. When they come out of a ride and they liked it the keep the bracelet in front of the ‘Like-box’ which automatically puts the message on Facebook.

Travel the world together


The website Globetrooper enables adventurous people to meet companions for their journeys. Put your dream trip on the website and people can sign up for your trip or you can invite people. The trip can also be ranked by other users.

Carpool to concerts and festivals


Festivals and concerts often create traffic jams and usually there are too few parking spaces. The “Ride here right now” website enables carpooling for the visitors.   



Nedap introduced a tweetmirror at the WE fashion stores. With this mirror pictures can be made to compare different outfits. In addition, you can send the photos by email, MMS or twitter to ask the opinions of others.

Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver has been creating awareness about what children eat sometimes now. His latest initiative is an online video contest where anyone can submit ideas. On October 8th , the winning project will be announced.

Superbude, budget and gadget hotel


Guests of Superbude (1 * hostel / lounge) are free to make their own choices. In The Kitchen Club you can enjoy breakfast, bring your own bread, grab a pizza or have one delivered. The hotel also offers free wifi, skype and Nintendo.

Offline for a day


For one day, don’t go online. For one day Face Park was the replacement for the widely used facebook. Watch the movie for more information.

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