Dutch social platform Whoopaa


Whoopaa is a new Dutch social platform that makes a distinction between your online business and personal identity. Or: “The social platform to connect, integrate and manage your social identities”.


RFID keychain to update your Facebook


When entering the theater of Amsterdam, visitors receive a keychain with a RFID chip attached, which is connected to your Facebook-account. You can automatically update your profile by holding the keychain in front of the SowiSocial-desks.

Foursquare vs. Karmatech RFID shoe


Nowadays it is becoming easier for your friends and family to keep track via social networks. This shoe automatically reports your current location to Facebook or Twitter, so you don’t need to login via foursquare anymore.

Do not eat app


Max Stoller discovered that 1,660 restaurants in New York received really bad scores from the Health Department, but are still open. Stoller invented an application that allows a user to be warned when he checks in at Foursquare at one of these restaurants.

Heineken bars on Foursquare


By checking in at Foursquare in a bar where Heineken beer is tapped, consumers save extra ‘e-points ‘, Heineken’s current loyalty program.

Donate your profile


MSF (Mediciens Sans Frontier) has a new campaign to raise awareness for the work the organization does in developing countries. People with Twitter, Facebook and / or a Linkedin account donate their profile for one day. At this donated day MSF sents up to 7 MSF messages to your followers.

daretoask or dta restaurant or hotel



Nils Roeman posted an article about #daretoask of #dtarestaurant or #dtahotels etc. He posted this YouTube video with his article as statement.

Twittering refridgerator


The latest refrigerator from Samsung, Samsung RF4289 is equipped with a Wi-Fi screen. It lets you manage your calendar, leave notes, track your Twitter account, and check the  weather online.

The first Twittertaxi


The first Twittertaxi is a hit. The Amsterdam taxi driver Dave Kuipers is active on Twitter since last summer and his account now has 700 followers. People who need a taxi just need to send a Tweet. In his taxi Kuipers offers his customers the possibility to play with an iPad, which are at the headrests of the front seat.

Scrapbook on Facebook


Sending best wishes on Facebook a lot more fun in the future with the new Facebook tool Keepsy. Through Keepsy Facebookers can offer mutual friends a digital scrapbook. Keepsy could also be used for creating yearbooks or making digital wedding albums.

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