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Daring Dining is a new initiative of Chef Plaza. As the name suggests, you can expect special dinners while enjoying a Daring Dining event. Prior to the evening you won’t know what will be on the menu or know the location of the dinner. The location and the responsible chef will be announced 24 hours in advance.

Daring Dining

The securities you do receive for an event with Daring Dining; the four-course dinner will be cooked by a Michelin starred chef and dinner doesn’t take place at an everyday location. Examples of locations are a Ferris wheel, a sky penthouse or a real old bunker.


A few weeks before dinner will take place, participants receive clues making it little by little clear where and what will be eaten. The exact menu will remain a surprise until the very last moment.

Do you want to join an event of Daring Dining? Then sign up through their website www.daringdining.nl. The first dinner will be held in January.

Website: Daring Dining

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