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Driving Barista is a new app that encourages Japanese motorists to put their phones down as they drive. Drives who don’t check their phones will be rewarded with a cup of free coffee. The app is activated when a person flips their phone over and begins driving, once the first 100km has been driven they receive a coupon for a free coffee. The counter will reset to zero kilometres at the moment the phone is lifted. After the first 100km the free coffee vouchers can be deserved every 200km.

Driving Barista App

The app is a collaboration between Toyota, coffee chain Komeda’s Coffee and telecommunications company KDDI Corporation aiming to reduce the use of the smartphone behind the wheel. Research done in the Netherlands by Interpolis showed that distraction was the cause in 66% of the car accidents. The use of smartphones is playing a major role in this.

Interpolis itself already introduces their AutoModus App in order to prevent the use of mobile phones in traffic. Well, we kind of like the idea of the Japanese Driving Barista App more, we love to claim a free coffee after every 200 km when we’re on the road! Which coffee company and friends will start a similar initiative in the Netherlands?

Bron: PSFK

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