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Google Trips is de latest Google app. After Google Maps, Drive, Gmail and your Google Calender is Google Trips the newest tool which should make life easier. The new mobile app should help travellers instantly plan each day of their trips. Buying airplane tickets, booking a hotel and visiting a cosy restaurant at your destination, all in one simple travelling app.

Google Trips

The big advantage of the app is the fact that it can be used without the internet. Before starting your trip, all your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail. Think off your airplane tickets, the hotel and the transportation to your destination. In addition, your whole itinerary can be created with the app as it can help you to build your day around places you already know you want to visit. The biggest part of your itinerary can be filled in by Google, but this shouldn’t mean that ‘must-see’-tips from friends and family can’t be added to your journey.

The Localpolitan

Are you currently planning a trip? Why don’t you try Google Trips and visit the website of The Localpolitan for more information about cosy local restaurants and hotels you should definitely try. With a personalized travel blog you will receive nice addresses which fits your needs.

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