Antwerp’s urban park: Summer Josephine’s


  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys at Midnight, Eddy Vergauwen
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys at Midnight, Eddy Vergauwen
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys at Midnight, Eddy Vergauwen
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys at Midnight, Eddy Vergauwen
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys at Midnight, Eddy Vergauwen
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys@midnight, Eddy Vergauwen, Kasper Stuart
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys@midnight, Eddy Vergauwen, Kasper Stuart
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys@midnight, Eddy Vergauwen, Kasper Stuart
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys@midnight, Eddy Vergauwen, Kasper Stuart
  • Summer Josephine'sSummer Josephines, 2015, Monkeys@midnight, Eddy Vergauwen, Kasper Stuart

This summer it’s already the second edition of the Summer Josephine’s, an urban park in Antwerp. The storage areas of City Brewery De Koninck are this summer the place to enjoy summer cocktails, specialty beers, fine food and a nice atmosphere again. Owner Kasper Stuart created a great space here to escape the hectic pace of the city life.

Daily summer festival

There is a central ordering caravan where you buy drink tickets and order food. there is a gourmet restaurant as well. The meat is purchased locally and cooked on the Big Green Egg or Mibrasa-wood oven. They also serve fish and vegetarian dishes.

Responsible for the design with a high vintage feeling is Designer Not Before Ten, this company is, among others, responsible for the design of Balls & Glory Antwerp & Ghent, The Brewery De Halve Maan (The crescent) in Bruges and Club La Rocca in Lier.

In the area of Summer Josephine’s, which is reached by a long hallway where you can enjoy graffiti by famous graffiti artists, you’ll find plenty of eye-catchers. Like, pallet constructions, vintage sofas, old-fashioned lampshades and second-hand accessories. And have a look at the beach chairs, a sandbox for the kids and picnic benches.

Inspiration: special cocktail evenings at Summer Josephine’s

Kasper Stuart also organizes special evenings around :Pimm’s Cup, one of our favorite cocktails. But also around the Cointreau Fizz. With a special cart for the Pimm’s Cup and a Cointreau Fizz bike on the site. Fun for a large summer terrace!

Inflatables Festival for adults only in Amsterdam


On 29 and 30 August, the first inflatables festival of The Netherlands is organized in Amsterdam.

From ball pit to inflatables festival

Because ball pits and inflatables are popular at festivals, Michael Döbelman and Bob Wisman (party organization ‘Dagverblijf’, freely translated as ‘Day Care’) came up with the idea to organize an inflatables festival. After overwhelming and positive responses online, they have decided to actually organize it. On 29 and 30 August there will be 2.000 visitors a day in a temporary world of crazy bouncy fun. With a minimum age of 18, the party animals don’t have to be afraid that they will trample little kids.

Inflatables fun

A total of 7500m2 will be filled with inflatables fun. It will be a Valhalla of bouncy castles, assault courses, water slides, bumper balls, base jumps and of course the classic ball pits. DJ’s will spin dance music that will enhance the bounce fun. Those interested for the event at Sportpark Sloten in Amsterdam can register on the website and receive a link to the ticketing system that will be available as from Saturday.


The Facebook page of the organization challenges visitors to dress up as a team to win prizes, also the organization advises to wear clothes that are okay to get dirty and above all to bring dry / clean clothes. Inflatable items are allowed.

The inflatables festival: “Jump, dance, dive, fall, get up and move again”.

Inspiring: a pop-up-traffic jam-concert


Those people who were stuck in the traffic jam on the 30th of June at the A1 (highway), did pick a great moment to get stuck! A new classic festival, Wonderfeel, organized the first pop-up-traffic jam-concert in this traffic jam .

When the traffic jam occured, the side of a 16.5 meter platform truck opened. The New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet supplemented with sousaphone and percussion began to play under the direction of a conductor and entertained hundreds of motorists.

Initiator Georges Mutsaerts: “We wanted the audience to enjoy classical music in a fun way in a place where you would least expect it. Motorists also reacted with disbelief to the totally unexpected performance. In order not to hinder the traffic the performance lasted no longer than 10 minutes. But in late July, Wonderfeel will return in collaboration with ‘Natuurmonumenten’ with 200 musicians and 100 concerts in nature area ‘s-Graveland for the ultimate relaxation this summer.”

Wonderfeel will take place in ‘s-Graveland in the nature area Schaep and Burgh at 24, 25 and 26 July.

Pop-up- traffic jam-concert as inspiration

It doesn’t seem conductive to road safety to organize a pop-up restaurant in the traffic jam. But we have spotted Twitter and Facebook messages from restaurants offering menu’s to those who stranded in a nearby traffic jam. We love to mention original ways to respond to a nearby traffic jam on

Local touch


  • Nog nooit zo'n lekkere uitsmijter gegeten - restaurant Joelia - Rotterdam

Restaurant Joelia at the Hilton Rotterdam has incorporated a local touch of ‘Rotterdam’ in their restaurant and in their menu.

Local touch

Those who visit on a regular basis know that I like to share distinctive details and small welcoming gestures. Last week I had dinner at restaurant Joelia, where Mario de Ridder is the chef. The interior of Joelia has had a lot of attention in many magazines with its striking design. My eyes immediately fell on the original placemats at the bar and the back of the bill afterwards. The reference to the Coolsingel in the Monopoly game is a nice local touch to this cosmopolitan concept.

Also a local touch on the menu

In his menu Mario de Ridder (former owner of the Zwethheul**) also added a local touch: ‘Colors or Rotterdam’. And although I have some ties with the city, I must confess that I had no idea of the colors of the city. That seems to be green and white, which was reflected in a delicious fish entree. And if you have the possibility to eat at Joelia’s at least try the ‘uitsmijter Joelia’, it’s so delicious! As listed on the website, Mario offers his guests an experience of top-gastronomy in all its facets. You can enjoy the Joelia’s Bites in the food corner or sitting at the bar, enjoy an aperitif in the wine cellar or experience Mario’s talent at the chef’s table or in the restaurant. We will be back, Rotterdam has a new top-level restaurant which we certainly recommend! ^Marjolein

Listen to the sounds of Paris in Amsterdam


A billboard with inspiring sounds from other cities. Pedestrians in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam are invited to listen to each other’s original sounds through their headphones at interactive billboards.

Listen to the sound of

The railroad company Thalys uses these 3 billboards to inspire passers-by with a sneak pre-hearing of a new travel experience. They of course want to encourage you to use the train to go and explore nearby cities. The billboards are made in collaboration with French advertising agency Rosapark.

Each billboard represents a city, the billboard of Amsterdam has 1352 sounds to tell the passers-by, Paris 1460 sounds and Brussels 1889. Pedestrians are invited to plug in with their personal headphones and start exploring. Enjoy a sound from Paris while strolling your hometown Amsterdam.

Like Pop-Up City describes, the billboards explore a new way of urban advertising. The focus on hearing is added to the visual impact of billboards. And with most of the people carrying earplugs nowadays, this technique might be used more…..

York & Albany brings the beach to central London


The sunglasses, flip flops and beach balls thrive well at the city oasis of York & Albany’s Beach Shack in London, where you immediately get the summer vibe.

Be transported from the heart of London to a beach bar at the courtyard of Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany. The seaweed Martini or Bacardi Rum slush served in a mini bucket with scoops as spoons will definitely get you in the mood, otherwise the alcoholic popsicles with Pimm’s liqueur will do so.

Beach Menu

At the restaurant they serve a selection of tempting bites such as mini fish ‘n’ chips, bite-sized Cumberland sausages and jars’ with pickled seafood. For the big appetite, there is a Beach BBQ menu that includes grilled burgers and vegetarian kebab with salad, fries and potato salad but without the usual sand between your teeth.

Ice cream with caramel popcorn and cotton candy

If baking in the sunshine isn’t enough, a choice of sugary desserts will get you in the sandal-mood. With raspberry custard doughnuts, banana split ice-cream and a do-it-yourself ice cream machine that’s offering soft serve scoops of strawberry cheesecake with candy floss and caramel popcorn. Wow! Now that’s an ice cream cone (referred to as a 99) for the 21st century!

Beach bar arrangement for groups

Londoners don’t have to travel to the coast during these hot days, they can put their feet in the sand at York & Albany’s Beach Hut as well. The selfies made there will give the impression that they originate from the beach in Camden and not from central London. The beach bar is available for exclusive dinners up to 12 guests. For thirty pounds per person, guests can enjoy different savory and sweet snacks and two cocktails.

It’s a wonderful way of enjoying the summer feeling in town, even during less sunny days!

Terrace Café Rotterdam offers panoramic view of the skyline and the Maas


Café Rotterdam was already an icon on the Maas, but is lifted to a higher level after a major renovation. With the reopening of Café Rotterdam directly above the Cruise Terminal, the ‘Wilhelminapier’ gets a real boulevard look.

Terraces with panoramic views are popular

We already know for a while that rooftop terraces have become very popular worldwide. Paris, New York, Istanbul, every metropolis is graced with (roof)terraces with beautiful views. In Amsterdam we have some pretty roof terraces with great views, such as the Skylounge at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and the roof terrace ‘s at the former oil rig at the REM Island which is now a restaurant. The terrace of Café Rotterdam, at the same level of the Erasmus Bridge and the Cruise Terminal, offers a unique panorama of the Maas and the skyline. A new hotspot in Rotterdam this summer!

Café Rotterdam

The interior of Café Rotterdam breathes Pre-war Rotterdam class: large windows that offer plenty of light, high ceilings and modern details. The Chef Merijn Sips (formerly Librije’s Zusje ** in Amsterdam) serves a Mediterranean cuisine with international appeal. A business lunch, a delicious Sunday brunch or a romantic dinner, it’s all there. Apart from the restaurant area, there is a long bar where you can enjoy a cocktail, Gin & Tonic, authentic Schiedam Jenever, beer or a glass of wine with the Dutch delicacy ‘bitterballen’ (small round croquettes). The new Café Rotterdam is the youngest member of the Dudok Group which is a leading company in the hospitality and event industry since 1991.

ID&T and Coca-Cola collaborate for recycling at festivals


Entertainment company ID&T and manufacturer Coca-Cola have been partners in sustainability since 2012. Together they want to encourage visitors of festivals and events to recycle. This summer they are working together for recycling at festivals in The Netherlands.

Recycling at festivals

ID&T and Coca-Cola are working together at three festivals: Defqon.1, Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future. At each festival there will be a couple of facilities available that will give people the chance to recycle. There will be ‘Green Teams’ walking around the terrain that encourage the visitors to throw their garbage in the right bins and they keep the terrain clean as well. There will also be a recycling-booth present where visitors can learn why recycling is important and how they can contribute.

A successful collaboration

Milou Hamelers, Recycling Manager of Coca-Cola Enterprises, says that they are very happy to work together with ID&T because their festivals attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. “This is a wonderful chance to show our involvement in sustainability and recycling.” she says. In an inspiring way ID&T and Coca-Cola would like to show people that a lot of garbage still has value after being thrown away in a bin.

Start pilot foodtrucks in Amsterdam



On 29 June, a pilot with foodtrucks starts at 24 locations in Amsterdam. At these locations fifty food-entrepreneurs and their foodtrucks will rotate every half-day.

Foodtrucks in Amsterdam provide ‘Tasty streetfood’

This Monday 29 June the foodtruck pilot ‘Tasty Streetfood’ kicks-off in Amsterdam. At 24 locations in Amsterdam around fifty innovative food-entrepreneurs will sell their food on the streets. The entrepreneurs will change location every several hours taking shifts on the various locations. The city of Amsterdam is the first municipality in the Netherlands that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to provide street food from foodtrucks at various spots in the city, besides the well-known food truck festivals of course.

Selected from 150 entries

Those interested could apply until 12 March and in total the municipality received more than 150 entries. The initiatives were valued based on a points system that valued food (whether organic, locally produced, innovative), innovativeness of the concept and sustainability.

Locations and Streetfood app

Because the food trucks change location between the various designated spots every few hours, a wide range of street food offerings will be available on every location. When drawing up the rotation schedule, the municipality will take the requests from the owners into account as much as possible. Check the locations on this image or Want to know where your favorite foodtruck is located at the moment? Download the Streetfood app via ‘Reizende Sterren’ (Travelling Stars)

Changing pop-up location Rotterdam Central Station


Pop-up food concept ‘Eten Centraal’ opened at Rotterdam Central Station on 16 June. It is a new initiative by The Food Line-up in collaboration with NS Stations. The pop-up location changes every two weeks with another small street food entrepreneur from the city.

Changing pop-up

The Food Line-up was one of the initiators of the street food debate about new permits that would benefit diverse and sustainable street food. Now they’ve set their crosshairs on high traffic destinations like the Rotterdam Central Station. With pop-up stores like ‘Eten Centraal’ railway stations will surprise travellers with a weekly changing selection of several local entrepreneurs. The focus is now on empty shop spaces that require temporary filling at Rotterdam Central. If successful, this may result in temporary fillings of empty spaces at other stations. It makes stations thus even more attractive for everyone.

The Switch

Every two weeks during “the Switch” a new business will build up in the pop-up store. In 46 days, more than seven Rotterdam heroes will serve a diverse menu including Old Scuola Pizza Napolitana, Man met Bril Coffee, Saté man with Toko to go, Fritez Haute friture, Pinky Rose lemonade, Jumble Korean Food and Rotterdam brewers. The website and Facebook will show the complete list of entrepreneurs and time tables.


“The pop-up street food concept is truly groundbreaking,” according to Lotte Wouters and Maartje Nelissen. “For the first time a high traffic location like this provides room to small local businesses next to the fixed formulas and usual suspects on locations like these. Travellers can now also enjoy the offerings of local entrepreneurs at Rotterdam Central Station, one of the most prominent places in the city, and taste the identity of the city and its inhabitants. “

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