Urban Campsite


Art and camping come together at the Urban Campsite. You can get acquainted with the Urban Campsite at camping Vliegenbos in Amsterdam from August 16 to September 30. Urban Campsite offers its guests the opportunity to stay in artistic, unusual and crazy mobile objects. They also offers all the other amenities like a normal camping. These six weeks are a pilot. It is thought that the concept settles in a number of years on a vacant ground in or around Amsterdam. For artists this is the ideal opportunity to exhibit their new objects and campers get the chance to camp near by a city in a special location.

WineFoon Walk


The first WineFood Walk was organized in Haarlem in 2010. In three years, this culinary discovery has become a success. This year there will be different WineFood Walks organized in nearly 30 cities in the Netherlands. The WineFood Walk is a culinary walk through cities, were all joining restaurants serve a wine food combination. For restaurants this is an ideal opportunity to increase their brand awareness and for hikers it offers the possibility to combine a city walk with food and wine.

Pay with your face


A new payment system based on face recognition is introduced in Finland. The system is called Uniqul and guests can pay by showing their faces for the camera and wait for their profile to conform their purchase. No pin codes, credit cards, wallets or fingerprints anymore…. Uniqul wants to improve the safety and speed of transactions. We are curious how this technical system will develop the coming years. Who knows we will pay in a number of years with our face at a terrace or a hotel and we no longer need our wallet any more.

Restaurants with stunning views


Tripadvisor gives an overview of ten restaurants with the stunning views all over the world. The video above is from restaurant Sierra Mar in California. The restaurant is located high at the cliffs, offering breathtaking views. The outstanding culinary dishes are complemented by wines from the award winning wine cellar of over 14,00 bottles. They have a 1,5 minute video on their website, showing us one of their biggest marketing values, their spectacular view during 24 hours. Watch the website Tripadvisor for more restaurants with stunning views.

+Pool tile by tile


A floating pool in the middle of New York City’s East River, wouldn’t that be great? It might become reality thanks to crowd-funding. +Pool, a sustainable design project that would bring a giant filtration system disguised as a pool to the waters separating Manhattan and Brooklyn. Aiming to clean up to half a million gallons of river water each day. Architectural firm Family and the design office PlayLab, would allow New Yorkers the opportunity to swim in the East River safely for the first time in a century. The project scored headlines two years ago when ideas for the pool first surfaced on Kickstarter. Now the ambitious dream has inched closer to reality, as PlayLab/Family has achieved their goal last week at the Kickstarter page to gear toward creating a test pool. We think a cleaning pool like that would do great in the canals of Amsterdam or the port of Rotterdam. And the idea of the personalized tiles is great as well. Read more at The Huffington Post.

Sailing boat as experience location in Amsterdam


  • Zeilboot de Titaan 1
  • Zeilboot de Titaan 2
  • Zeilboot de Titaan 3

The ‘Titaan’ (Dutch for ‘Titan’) is a pure experience-location for meetings and private dining. Leon Verraes and het girlfriend Inge Vermeulen are the owners of the ship since March 2010. The ship is newly built in 2001 by Talsma in Franeker and finetuned in 2002 by SRF in Harlingen. It’s built by ING Real Estate as luxe meeting location for real estate developers and business relations. The ship has a capacity of 70-80 people while boarded, on the water it’s possible to sail with 55 guests.

Billboard mini appartments


The Belgian artist Karl Philips has given billboards an extra function with his project ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’. He renovated old trailer billboards into small apartments. Thanks to the ads on the walls of their temporary house the inhabitants earn some money to live in a billboard. The ads also conceal that these billboards are used as apartments. Earlier we’ve spotted billboards used as a bench, a shelter from the rain or a ramp over stairs.

Take away with style


At the website of ‘The Special Choice’ you can order culinary dishes online, pay and collect them at the restaurant. This concept allows guests to enjoy culinary delights at home or at work. The dishes are healthy and responsible and prepared with fresh products. The dishes are provided with a quality label with the origin of the ingredients. The dishes are presented in a stylish way on plates with napkins and cutlery. As restaurant owner you can choose to donate a part of the sales to a good cause. The Special Choice takes care of order site, the packaging, the payment and the online promotion. Starting in the Netherlands at this moment.

Cinema in the forest


The 20th Century Fox organized a pop-up movie night for the screening of a new animated film at a secret location in Paris. The pop-up cinema was located high in the trees. The new animated film takes place in a forest environment. This pop-up location gives the visitor an ultimate experience.

Peer-to-peer lending


The platform AirBnB where individuals can offer their homes for temporary rental to tourists or expats has now become a huge success. It appears that more branches copy this concept. We’ve spotted ‘Eat With‘, a website where users can offer their ‘kitchen’ as an alternative for the restaurants in the area. CampInMyGarden, a website that offers sleeping places in gardens and outdoor houses, a cheap night and often at central locations. Now the platform ‘Boat Bound’ is launched. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, a sailboat or a barge, Boat Bound offers private boats anywhere in the United States, at any price. We wonder when we can rent a boat in the canals for Amsterdam at Boat Bound.

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