Horecatrends | Tips for Culinary videos worth watching – week 28


YouTube has been a source of inspiration for spotting trends the past few years. Every day, thousands of movies are uploaded with new and interesting content. We too sometimes use videos as a source of inspiration to write about. With this week again a selection of 3 videos which our colleague Manual Imanse  thinks are worth watching.

This week links to videos about ‘What coffee looks like around the world and why menuca honey from New Zealand is so expensive. And since the beginning of July, amusement park Walibi Holland has a new attraction: the Untamed.

What coffee looks like around the world

Around the whole world people drink it and lots of people loves it, coffee. Either its early in the morning to wake up, in the afternoon when concentration levels drop, with beaten egg, cheese or alcohol, or even during an official coffee ceremony, around the world people enjoy it differently and in this video they show how. We already wrote a lot of articles about all the different coffees but it great to see a couple of them returning in this video.

Length: 4:32

Channel: Food Insider

Date: 28-06-2019

Why menuca honey is so expensive

Menuca honey can cost up to $100 for a jar of 100g, which is over 100x more expensive than regular honey. But why is it so expensive? It comes from the nectar of the flower Leptospermum scoparium, also known as Menuca, which only grows in New Zealand. Also it only accounts for 1% of all the worlds honey. It is so rare because the flowers are only open for 12 days a year and the harvesting period can only be done in a 2-6 weeks harvesting period. Export is currently worth 204 million dollars. Also there are strong indication (although still unproven) that menuca honey has health benefits and even cosmetic benefits, hence why it’s being used more and more in the cosmetic industry which also drives up the price.

Length: 6:14

Channel: Business Insider

Date: 15-05-2019

The new rollercoaster from amusement park Walibi

Amusement park Walibi Holland has opened a new rollercoaster named ‘the Untamed’ on the first of July. The first hybrid rollercoaster in the world with 5 inversions and building effects as “head choppers”. As a base this rollercoaster is making use of the old Robin Hood roller-coaster but with a new track and a lot of airtime! I’m definitely going to try this one out this year!

Length: 3:21

Channel: De Telegraaf

Date: 01-07-2019


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