Concerto serves experience


Music store Concerto adds a coffee bar to its shop in the Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam. The well trained baristas have a special heart for music and are part of a cultural meetinghub with two big reading tables, a lounge corner and a performance stage.

Human powered coffee


The Velopresso is a mobile pedal powered coffee bar. The stylish designed verhicle is silent, environmental friendly and doesn’t depend on power supply.

Bubble Cinema


Last summer the roof terrace of the Netil360 building in Hackney (London) was often a bubbley scene. Asher Charman organized ‘Hottub Cinema’ nights, where people enjoyed cinema and champagne from inflatable hot tubs.

Urban farming at Hoog Catharijne


Corio and Biet & Boon are working together to develop a pop-up roof garden project on shopping mall Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht. The harvest goes to local restaurants, offices and volunteers. Earlier this year the largest roof garden opened in Amsterdam.

Most beautiful hotel swimming pools of the world


Hotel swimming pools to be dreaming of. Planning to visit Miami, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Singapore of Phuket? Than are these hotels worth considering. Watch all the recommendations here.

BiteMe StreetDinner


More than fifteen home cooks joined forces to prepare a neighborhood dinner and take it to the Erasmuspark in Amsterdam on the 9th of September. 200 neighbors can experience each others kitchens from 14.00 to 18.00 o’clock.

A fully vegetarian McDonald’s


Next to the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India, a fully vegetarian McDonald’s restaurant will be opened. In the vicinity of this temple, people are not allowed to eat meat.

Dance Night in the Royal Concert hall


It seems that locations for dance nights tend to get more and more impressive. On September the 7th, one of the most exclusive venues in The Netherlands, the Royal Concerthall, will be transformed to a dance venue by MUST. The exuberant atmosphere, the imposing building and the perfect acoustics of the hall make this an unique dance night. MUST dance nights have already been organized in other impressive buildings, their motto: “people like to talk, so give them something to talk about.”

Muru, the first pop-down restaurant


In September 2012, the world’s first pop-down restaurant will open in a unique mining environment in Tytyri, Lohja. The restaurant is located 80 meters below the ground and during the evening you can go as down as 350 meters underground. The journey to the depths of the Earth is made using KONE’s test laboratory lifts. Chosen as restaurant of the year 2012 in Finland, Muru will bring its unique atmosphere, delicious food and excellent staff to Tytyri for two weeks. Down-to-earth food will be on offer in Muru’s signature style, in the spirit of a “mining canteen”.

Jaguar Taste & Race


The experience of a ride in a Jaguar is one that tickles all senses according to the luxurious brand. By the name of ‘Taste & Race’ the car manufacturer expands this experience. Foodies and race fans have a chance to intensify their Jaguar-experience. The ones blessed with sensitive taste buds and superior driving skills can make it to the 2013 final in Malaysia.

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