Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine | Haute cuisine, hospitality, culture and technology on the Seine


Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine; haute cuisine, hospitality, culture and technology on an exclusive cruise ship in the Seine. Since 18 September, the ship sails past the highlights of Paris in 90 minutes, while guests can enjoy a 3 to 5-course menu at top level. We already wrote about the upcoming opening in our ‘trends we spotted’ in August, now we know more!

Culture and haute cuisine | A 90-minute tour along the highlights of Paris

Ducasse had a 100% soundless electric boat made for the project with room for more than 200 guests. The location of the boat is on the quay of Trocadéro, near Port Debilly. During the day, cruises are made that last an average of 90 minutes. The boat silently sails past the Louvre, the Notre-Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, the Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis before returning to the quay via the Eiffel Tower. On the terrace of the docking quay you can also enjoy a ‘Pause Gourmande’, meaning a hot drink, glass of wine or champagne with sweet or salty snacks. Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman signed for the modern, chic design of the ship, as they did for the floating hotel Off Paris Seine.

You probably won’t find Alain Ducasse in the kitchen. His former sous-chef Francis Fauvel has been given responsibility along with a team of 35 cooks. The seasons and local products play an important role in the composition of their menus. The menus will, in contrast to traditional French cuisine, be based less on meat dishes with heavy sauces, but more on lighter fish and vegetable dishes. Ducasse mentions a dish of Turbot with champagne sauce as example. The reason for this change is the changing wishes of the guests, who pay more attention to fat, salt and sugar content in the dishes.

Curious about Ducasse sur Seine?

If you have become curious about this concept, you need to take your wallet as the prices for a 3-course menu, both during lunch and dinner are around € 100,= and can go up to € 500,=  for a 5- course menu with champagne, wine and a surprise at the end. View the possibilities here.

Website: Ducasse sur Seine

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