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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others about the Amsterdam Terraces Festival at the end of August in the Rembrandtpark during which the finish of the summer is celebrated. Starbucks joins forces with a cryptocurrency venture so that the Bitcoin could break through as regular currency. Next weekend the GinFever festival will be held in Schiedam and the Dutch coffee concept Kaldi opens its first branch in Denmark. Chiringuito has opened in a former public toilet in London (and it looks great!) and in Paris you can enjoy ‘Ducasse sur Seine’ as from September 4th.

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Celebrate the end of the summer at the Amsterdam terraces festival

Celebrate the end of the summer during the ‘Amsterdam Terrassen Festival 2018’ in the Rembrandtpark. There are more and more hotspots that represent their terrace at this ‘Amsterdam Terrassen Festival’. In comparison with last year more spots will serve a tasty dish. You can visit it for free from 23 to 26 August. A selection of participants: Café Friday | Mr. Nieges | Five Brothers Fat | The Beer Garden | The Butcher | Van Dam Brasserie | Window 33 | BAUT | Bar Broker | Café Pananche | Miss Moneypenny | Van ‘t Spit | Café Kiebêrt | Rainbowls | Partisan. With an extensive music program; singing on the Karaokebus, Silent Disco & children’s disco by Vondel Disco, DJ Tobias and Sunny vibes by Amsterdam Waves. Furthermore, you can play shuffleboard and multiple games in the music chapel and take part in pub quizzes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ducasse sur Seine | Tasting menu while enjoying a river cruise through Paris

As from September 4, you will be able to enjoy a dinner by multi-Michelin-starred French chef Alain Ducasse and in the meantime enjoy a river cruise through Paris.
While enjoying the Parisian views like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower on the 200-capacity vessel (100% electric), guest can choose between a three courses dinner for €100 ($116), up to a special five course meal with Champagne, wines and a gift to take away for €500 ($580). The dinner/boat journey that starts and ends at Port Debilly, in the 16th arrondissement.

Starbucks joins forces with cryptocurrency venture

Bitcoin could be on the verge of breaking through as a mainstream currency. At least that’s the goal of a startup that is soon to be launched by one of the most powerful players on Wall Street, with backing from some of America’s leading companies. At the beginning of August Intercontinental Exchange—the trading colossus that owns the New York Stock Exchange and other global marketplaces—announced that it is forming a new company called Bakkt. The new venture, which is expected to launch in November, will offer a federally regulated market for Bitcoin. With the creation of Bakkt, ICE aims to transform Bitcoin into a trusted global currency with broad usage. To achieve that vision, ICE is partnering with heavyweights from the worlds of technology, consulting, and retail: Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, and Starbucks. So within a couple of months customers might be able to pay their lattes with bitcoins!

Toto’s ballad ‘Africa’ themed social media stunt by Burger King

Every year or so, the citizens of the internet get obsessed with some corny old song and spin it off into a series of memes. ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, started the trend a decade ago, and both ‘All Star’ and ‘Smooth’ got the full meme-overload treatment in recent years. And now, the internet pranksters have decided that Toto’s 1982 ballad ‘Africa’ is the funny song of 2018. Burger King in the UK launched a Toto-themed social media stunt, promising to play the power ballad all day at one of their locations in exchange for 1000 retweets of a tweet.

Chiringuito in London | Design beach bar in a former public toilet

Chiringuito, a laid-back beach bar inspired by the Spanish chiringuitos will open in a former public toilet in Bethnal Green’s Museum Gardens. The owners have spent a few pennies dolling it up! Floor-to-ceiling windows, glossy azure tiling, a bartop made out of old 5 peseta coins, and a mural by artist Mallory Dawn dominating the wall. Outside, they’ve got a terrace around almost the full perimeter of the building, and upstairs they’ve got an open-air rooftop seating area with views of the neighbouring Museum Gardens and St. John’s Church.

Airbnb | Storytelling around 10 Years of Community

When more than 2 million people are welcomed into other people’s homes on any given night, some amazing and even outlandish moments can happen. Airbnb celebrates their 10-year birthday by highlighting 10 particular moments from their community. Stories, videos about their hosts, visitors and how they bring the world closer together.

#carrythecup pop-up at Lush Soho Studio

Ethical soap company Lush is challenging customers to ditch single-use drinks containers with a brand new pop-up that offers free coffee to customers who come in with reusable cups. The #carrythecup pop-up has opened Tuesday 14 August for four weeks, so if you fancy a free vegan coffee, iced coffee or tea, head down to the Lush Soho Studio on Beak Street, London. In collaboration with ethical coffee brand Change Please, Lush is hoping to raise awareness about the harmful impact of single use plastics on the environment and the importance of reusable drinks cups.

Carlsberg brings together six strangers from around the UK to build the ‘Carlsberg Cabin’

Following the success of the Carlsberg Expørt rejuvenation and the popularity of its The Danish Way campaign, Carlsberg UK has kicked off the holiday season in true Scandinavian style with the launch of the ‘Carlsberg Cabin’ pub. Using hydro (waterfall) and solar power technology, the cabin has been built using only sustainable materials, by people from across the UK looking to escape modern day life.

Inspired by the Danes’ love of the great outdoors, the carbon neutral pub is complete with a Carlsberg Expørt DraughtMaster beer pump and located in the serene Cornish countryside at Kudhva – a wild camping experience near Tintagel. Also designed to sleep up to six people, the Carlsberg Cabin is open to consumers that want to live the ‘Danish Way’ and can be booked via AirBnB.

The originally Dutch coffee concept Kaldi opens doors in Denmark

The originally Dutch coffee concept Kaldi officially opened its first branch in Denmark Friday the 17th of August. The new espresso bar is located in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Kaldi replaces the current breakfast restaurant at Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City, located at a lively crossroads in a renovated building.

GinFever festival | Schiedam, the Netherlands

On Saturday the 25th of August, the center of Schiedam will be hosting the first edition of the GinFever festival, the sister of the popular Jeneverfestival. It will be a day full of music (different DJs), food trucks, inspiring masterclasses and of course a lot of gin, Genever and (non-alcoholic) cocktails. A real summer festival. A nice detail is the arrival of the Rotterdam cocktail practice Dr. in the courtyard of the Schiedam Jenever Museum and the launch of the exclusive Stokers Trots. The entrance fee for this festival is free.

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