Pinto Picnic at the Dakpark in Rotterdam | Asian BBQ


  • Picnic Dakpark credits Stephanie Hoepel HT3 Credits: Stephanie Hoepel
  • Picnic Dakpark credits Stephanie Hoepel HT3 Credits: Stephanie Hoepel
  • Picnic Dakpark credits Stephanie Hoepel HT3 Credits: Stephanie Hoepel

As of July 1, Asian BBQ opened for the 3rd time in the stately high-rise corner at the entrance of the Dakpark. As a traveling restaurant, Asian BBQ is looking forward to new places. However, they are already on the Hudson Square 7b for the 3rd season and again for six months. Here they are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 17:30 until 23:00. From the restaurant you walk up to the Roof Park for a Pinto Picnic. A place worth a detour and to enjoy a traditional Thai BBQ. lees verder

IKEA open air rooftop cinema


  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA
  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA
  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA
  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA
  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA
  • Openlucht bioscoop IKEA

Is your schedule still empty for tomorrow night? Call your friends and go watch a movie in a cinema! Not just a normal cinema, but at the IKEA open air rooftop cinema on the rooftop of IKEA Delft in The Netherlands. lees verder

Nozem ice cream | Ice cream for Zwarte Cross festival visitors


  • Nozem Oil & Nozem ijs
  • Kruidentuin met Grolsch beugels

Visitors of the Zwarte Cross festival in the Netherlands can make a pit stop at ‘t Noorden in Aalten. The festival will start this weekend and party centre and pancake house ‘t Noorden is located on the route towards the festival. To attract more visitors in the days before the festivals, they decided to put some extra items on their menu. One of them is Nozem Ice Cream, made in collaboration with a farm where ice cream is being made. The ice cream is based on a popular drink being sold at Zwarte Cross: Nozem Oil. lees verder

The Movement hotel | Former Prison the Bijlmerbajes temporarily run by asylum seekers


A part of the former and notorious prison ‘Bijlmerbajes’ becomes a pop-up hotel run by asylum seekers. At The Movement hotel, refugees will be trained to run a hotel and get back into the workforce, their chance to reintegrate. On the 4th of July, a crowd funding campaign is launched to enable this special project. The hotel is intended to open its prison doors early August and give their guests a once in a lifetime experience to explore and stay at the famous Bijlmerbajes before it gets demolished. lees verder

Visit Amsterdam with the limited edition Care Tag | By KLM


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers passengers who visit Amsterdam in September a handy gadget: the KLM Care Tag. The smart audio luggage tag automatically provides visitors with location based verbal tips on how to traverse the city. The specially designed location-aware audio luggage tag consists of an offline GPS module and a speaker. While you’re walking or cycling through the city, it offers the right tip at the right location at the right time. All over Amsterdam, KLM plotted the voice of their caring crew at spots where people can use some extra assistance. A visitor can simply attach the tag to her/his luggage or clothes. Interesting news for your hotel or AirBnB guests. lees verder

Frazzled Cafe | It’s OK to not be OK!


The number one bestselling author, comedian and leading mental health campaigner Ruby Wax has joined forces with Marks & Spencer to launch Frazzled Cafes in M&S stores.  ‘It’s ok not to be ok, feeling frazzled, come on in and let it out!’ lees verder

Trends we spotted | Week 24


  • Trends in het kort


At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others a Titanic themed hotel in Belfast and a pop-up with a peculiar name: ‘The Restaurant of Order Mistakes’.

If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

DeDAKKAS | green hospitality concept strats with crowdfunding!


Saturday the 10th of June DeDAKKAS started a crowdfunding campaign in order to realize their project, a green hospitality concept on top of parking garage ‘de Kamp’ in the city centre of Haarlem. According to the initiators the concept, situated in urban area of Haarlem, will be unique and approachable. A place to relax, with a great view over the city centre while enjoying pure food and drinks. Besides the hospitality greenhouse there will also be a rooftop terrace and a city park to create a social, green and sustainable surrounding. lees verder

Zip line off the Eiffel tower


Only for all daredevils amongst us: zip lining of the Eiffel tower whilst reaching a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The 800 metres long zip line trip takes less than a minute, you’re done before you know. The idea of this pop-up zip line comes from Perrier that sponsors Roland Garros, one of the four Grand Slams in tennis. lees verder



THE BUTCHER Social Club, located in the A’DAM tower is a 24h-juncture of great food, new music, edgy creativity, metropolitan lifestyle, and urban design. The A’DAM tower is one of the seven concepts with a 24-hour liquor license in Amsterdam. THE BUTCHER Social Club is a full-service playground for urbanites, open from 8 AM until far after midnight and all around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday. lees verder

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