Restaurant ShakShuk in Amsterdam made a special dish for Earth Day


  • Spicy Beyond Merguez by restaurant ShakShuk – credits @foodlicious.amsterdamSpicy Beyond Merguez by restaurant ShakShuk – credits

Especially for Earth Day (April 22), ShakShuk, a shakshuka restaurant on the Zuidas  in Amsterdam, developed a new dish in collaboration with Beyond Meat: Spicy Beyond Merguez. The spicy sausages in this dish are normally made from animal meat, but ShakShuk replaced them with sustainable, plant-based Beyond Sausage. The new dish will be launched with a special promotion on Earth Day and will remain on the menu for a month.

Spicy Beyond Merguez is being introduced with a special promotion: ShakShuk is offering 100 dishes for free on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. Restaurant-goers can make reservations for this through ShakShuk.

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Restaurant ShakShuk also makes Beyond Köfte and Shakshuka with meat from Beyond Meat

Restaurant ShakShuk’s founders, Max Zegerius and Alphons de Vries, perfected the shakshuka – which stands for “mixture” in Tunisian Arabic and consists of a tomato mixture with fresh vegetables, strong herbs and poached eggs. In late 2021, they won a Thuisbezorgd Award for their concept. They now offer a menu with nine variations of the original recipe. The entrepreneurs also developed ‘Beyond Köfte’, a shakshuka in which lamb was substituted for Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat.

Go Beyond® Mission | Spicy Beyond Merguez

In celebration of Earth Day, ShakShuk is changing their Spicy Merguez dish to a plant-based version called ‘Spicy Beyond Merguez’. By offering plant-based meat instead of animal-based meat, ShakShuk is sharing Beyond Meat’s Go Beyond® mission and enabling consumers to continue eating what they love, but in a way that is better for the planet.

“Coming from a family of meat lovers, I am genuinely excited about Beyond Meat’s products, which have the same taste and texture as animal meat. By choosing plant-based meat, we are also making a sustainable choice,” says De Vries. “It feels good to partner with Beyond Meat to allow our customers to enjoy our beloved shakshuka dishes without sacrificing taste or a balanced lifestyle.”

“Working with food service partners like ShakShuk gives us the opportunity to inspire more people to go ‘Beyond’ and discover plant-based versions of their favourite dishes, making plant-based meat more accessible to everyone,” said Jorg Oostdam, General Manager Europe at Beyond Meat. “Beyond Meat products are made with high-quality plant-based ingredients that deliver the taste and texture of animal protein with the sustainability benefits of plant-based meat.”

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Website: restaurant ShakShuk

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