Life Fire Cooking’ at restaurant Nela in Valley Amsterdam


  • Restaurant Nela - chefs Hari Shetty en Ori GellerRestaurant Nela - chefs Hari Shetty en Ori Geller
  • Restaurant Nela in Valley AmsterdamRestaurant Nela in Valley Amsterdam

This summer, restaurant Nela will open its doors in Valley, the sustainable and innovative building, on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. In this new hospitality formula of the internationally renowned chefs Hari Shetty and Ori Geller, they have chosen ‘Life Fire Cooking’. The name Nela means pure and this is exactly what the two chefs want to reflect in all aspects of their restaurant. From pure gastronomy, which involves cooking on an open fire with the very best and honest ingredients, to the design which is made from natural and unprocessed materials in their purest form. And all this is aimed at connecting people, cultures and traditions.

Currently they are still recruiting staff!

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Pure gastronomy at restaurant Nela

The menu reflects honest, seasonal ingredients brought to life through open fire and modern cooking techniques. Hari and Ori about their restaurant, “We specifically chose live fire cooking because with this craftsmanship, the integrity of the ingredients is not lost.” After all, the high temperatures cause ingredients to sear quickly, resulting in little loss of moisture. The result: integrity in texture, flavour and presentation. Thanks to the years of experience of the chefs, these pure dishes are not only enormously tantalizing and flavourful, but also modern and surprising.

Extensive menu with shared dining dishes and a high end cocktail bar

With the shared-dining principle, the aim is that everyone feels welcome at Nela restaurant. The extensive menu offers something for everyone. They also have some à la carte options for example for a business lunch. Nela also features a high end cocktail bar where the evening can be continued with classic and their own surprising cocktail creations.

Purely design

Fire also forms the basis of Nela’s design. After all, all the artisanal components – from the glassware to the raw materials – need this element in the way it’s manufactured. In terms of interiors, think of an oasis of light with natural colours and ditto materials such as wood, metal and stone in their purest form. Nela also uses handmade objects and art by local talent. Hari and Ori: “Our fascination with honest products, quality design and craftsmanship extends beyond the kitchen. It is the basis of all our choices, including design and creative partnerships.”

Partners van restaurant Nela

Hari and Ori have worked for years for top restaurants such as Nobu (London), Yafo-Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv) and Izakaya, The Duchess and Mr. Porter (Amsterdam). In partnership with innovative international entrepreneur Gilad Hayeem (The Waverly Group), their knowledge and skills are combined in restaurant Nela.

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Website: Restaurant Nela

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