Old Amsterdam Food Tour Dinner


The Old Amsterdam Food Tour and restaurant MOES organize the ‘Golden Age Dinner’ with Marleen Willebrands on Sunday 23 November. A meal will be cooked at the basement of an old storehouse from 1646 according to original 17th century recipes. Because the dinner was served in the afternoon back then, the dinner will be served from 14.00-18.00 o’clock.

Stories from the Golden age

Between the courses stories are told about eating habits, table manners and the availability of food in the city back then. Culinary historicist and publicist Marleen Willebrands retrieved the recipes and will explain the background of old eating habits. Students of the department of old music from the conservatory will play music from that era.
Guests can enjoy oysters on entry, a Rillette appetizer of crab, Tersey with smelt, sweet chicken pie, salad with parsnips, Blancmange & roggebroodijs* *(Roggebroodijs is a rye bread ice cream – ever had rye bread ice cream before?!) and Hippocras with dragees.

Old Amsterdam habits

Because of old habits only a spoon will be provided, please bring your own knife. The stories will be in Dutch; however, the food, wine drinks and experience speak a universal language for all to enjoy.
Location: MOES, Prins Hendrikkade 142-sous
Date & time: Sunday 23 November 14.00-18.00 o’clock.

Pakistani cooking class with handpicked vegetables


  • Anja & Ferdinand EeuwesAnja & Ferdinand Eeuwes
  • Kookworkshop De Groene Schuur
  • Kookworkshop De Groene Schuur

Ferdinand and Anja Eeuwes grow tropical vegetables, peppers and forgotten Old-Dutch vegetables in their greenhouse for years. During the sale in their regional shop they regularly received questions about the preparation of these products. This eventually led to the creation of a series of cooking classes.

Pakistani cooking class

The cooking classes were set up eight years ago and expanded to a larger modern kitchen in 2009, surrounded by a tropical garden and herb garden. There are 16 different classes available at the moment and the next cooking class is focused on the Pakistani kitchen on 17 November.

From seed to eating

The company developed from a traditional horticultural company into a total experience from seed to food with a local shop, a plant nursery, cooking classes, excursions, educational programs, creative workshops and the hosting of children’s parties.

AEG Cooking Club

The entrepreneurs are ambassadors of AEG since 2014, people who subscribe at the AEG Cooking Club can join free cooking workshops. During these workshops consumers can get acquainted with various AEG cooking devices. The workshops are aimed on people who want to buy AEG equipment or want to learn how to optimize their own cooking skills with the AEG products they own.

The ‘Groene Schuur’ is located at the Lijkweg 9B in Groessen.

Use the #selfie in your benefit


  • Selfie1 icon made by Freepik, from www.flaticon.com Creative Commons BY 3.0Icon by Freepik via flaticon.com CC3

The luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris created a new example of the use of the #selfie that benefits both the company as the consumer.

Marjolein wrote about it in the beginning of September; the #Selfie as a trend. In that article she provides a few examples, recently she spotted a new one from the luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. The hotel launched a ‘Selfie in Paris’ campaign in August 2014. Offering their guests a tour of Paris’ best selfie spots with a private car and driver.

The best #selfie time is yet to come

As from the end of November it will be booming with all the #Christmas decoration #selfies on the social media. In front of the Christmas Tree on famous spots, with the decorated windows at all the big warehouses et cetera. Make use of this #selfie trend by creating the perfect Selfie spot in your restaurant or hotel. As city you can organise your own best selfie spot tour to promote your most photogenic spots as well.

Sleeping in a sculpture


  • Antony Gormley Room
  • Room Antony Gormley
  • Room Antony Gormley

In September hotel ‘The Beaumont’ opened in London, a hotel with the huge sculpture ROOM as façade. London has hereby gained a new public art object of the famous sculptor Antony Gormley. Gormley’s ROOM is both a monumental sculpture as an architectural extension of the hotel.

Sleeping in a sculpture: ROOM

Sleeping in a sculpture like the suite of ROOM must be quite an experience! The interior, which is a dark fumed oak-clad bedroom in a one-bedroom suite, accessed up seven steps through a black curtain from a strongly contrasting, pure white marble bathroom. Besides the ROOM the hotel has a total of 50 rooms and 23 suites. It’s the first hotel by Jeremy King and Chris Corbin, located in Mayfair. The hotel includes a couple of restaurants including ‘The Colony Grill Room’ and ‘The American Bar, a Gymnasium and a Spa.

Artist statement

“I take the body as our primary habitat. ROOM contrasts a visible exterior of a body formed from large rectangular masses with an inner experience. The interior of ROOM is only 4 metres square but 10 metres high: intimate at body level, but open above. The idea was to reveal this slowly. I wanted to structure night as a preamble to sleeping and dreaming, and re-enforce the feeling of being fully enclosed so the window only gives a view of the sky. At night, the shutters allow total enclosure and provide total black-out. The very subliminal levels of light allow me to sculpt darkness itself. My ambition for this work is that it should confront the monumental with the most, intimate experience.”

A bakery that starts serving meals


  • De BakkerswinkelDe Bakkerswinkel
  • De Bakkerswinkel logo

The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ (Bakery Shop) in Amsterdam-West will start serving meals in the evening as from 14 November, starting on Friday and Saturday. Guests are welcome on these nights for a small or large meal.

A lunchroom during the day and a restaurant at night

Piet Hekker founder of the ‘Bakkerswinkel’ chain with 8 shops in Zoetermeer, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam asked Andy Verdonk to coach and guide the kitchen team. All dishes will be freshly prepared in the kitchen and they will work with seasonal products. The menu includes dishes (entremets size) to taste, combine or share. Andy Verdonk will also teach his knowledge to the young (future) professionals who are educated at this shop in Amsterdam.

Philosophy of the ‘Bakkerswinkel’

The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ is a meeting place focused on people, product and the environment. All branches of the Baker Shops are unique and have their own atmosphere and identity, adapted to the environment. This is consistent with the philosophy of Piet Hekker; through cross-pollination the city, the craft and the design reinforce each other. Each property consists of a shop, a restaurant and a traditional kitchen / bakery, which is preferably open so that guest can see how their bread and meal are prepared. Making the craft of cook and baker more visible, fits into the trend of transparency.

Bakery blurring

Shop and restaurant in one, another fine example of blurring. The ‘Bakkerswinkel’ does it for 40 years already. What once started as a bakery/shop evolved into a lunchroom (with an extended evening opening in Zoetermeer). Recently the venue in Amsterdam followed with an evening opening as well. The ingredients used at the evening are not for sale in the shop. Something that might change in the near future.
Lke the times the gas stations got permission to sell food and some restaurant owners asked if they could start selling gas, there will probably be restaurant owners discussing if they could start selling bread!
Maybe those restaurant owners can make a small wink to the concept; In France I have got a small loaf of bread home after a delicious meal a couple of times. This to discuss dinner at breakfast while still enjoying the crafts of the same kitchen. ^ Marjolein

Mumbai streetfood in Amsterdam


  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam

As from October 21, 2014 SHIRKHAN brings the scent and the traditional flavours of Mumbai streetfood to the ‘Foodhallen’ in Amsterdam West.

Yossi Eliyahoo, owner and developer of the well-known international hotspots IZAKAYA, MOMO and The Butcher (West), has joined forces with top chef Hariprasad Shetty to introduce the first real Mumbai street food concept in the Netherlands. Chef Hariprasad Shetty was born and raised in India and has an unconditional love for Indian cuisine. His passion and knowledge of authentic Indian cuisine can be recognized in each of the streetfood dishes at SHIRKHAN.

Lamb Seekh and Chicken Tikka

Dishes like Lamb Seekh and Chicken Tikka are prepared the traditional way in the Tandoor oven or at the Indian grill in view of the guests. The impressive hand-made Tandoor oven is decorated with gold and bronze mosaic and obviously the showpiece of SHIRKHAN. The meat is served on metal skewers with homemade chutney, salads and fresh naan bread.

Indian street food in London as an example

Yossi Eliyahoo’s idea for SHIRKHAN is inspired by the Indian cuisine in London. Indian food is served there at almost every street corner. In the Netherlands the supply of traditional Indian streetfood is however minimal. We wish Yossi Eliyahoo and chef Hariprasad Shetty a lot of success with their SHIRKHAN.

Whisky tasting at the theater


  • Tony van Rooijen - GlenfiddichTony van Rooijen - Glenfiddich

Tony van Rooijen is the Dutch brand ambassador for Glenfiddich and takes whisky lovers on a virtual tour during interactive whisky tasting sessions in Haarlem and Amstelveen.

Whisky tasting

At the tasting Tony van Rooijen gives a presentaino on stage while he guides the visitors through a virtual impression of the Scottish Distillery. During the presentation six varieties of whisky will be discussed, all of them are provided in a tasting box that’s included in the ticket price. This way the visitors can taste the variety of whiskys while being informed about it.

 Tour through Schotland

Both experts and beginners can enjoy the tasting, that provides immerses you into Scotland for the evening. This Friday 7 November the tour is at the Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie in Haarlem (from 20.30 o’clock) and the Schouwburg in Amstelveen will host the evening on 29 November. The first tasting of the tour was in Purmerend.

RIJKS® at Rijksmuseum


  • RIJKS - (c) Erik Smits(c) Erik Smits
  • RIJKS - (c) Erik Smits(c) Erik Smits
  • RIJKS ® Chefs. Vlnr.: Jos Timmer, Joris Bijdendijk en Wim de Beer. (credits: Erik Smits)RIJKS ® Chefs. Vlnr.: Jos Timmer, Joris Bijdendijk en Wim de Beer. (credits: Erik Smits)

On 1 November 2014, the RIJKS® restaurant of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will open. The restaurant is located in the redesigned Philips wing, the final renovated wing of the museum. The restaurant will be open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, has 140 seats, a separate room for 36 guests and a terrace with 130 seats. There is a separate entrance to the restaurant on outside of the Rijksmuseum. RIJKS® is a joint venture of Vermaat Groep and the Rijksmuseum.

Responsible for the interior; Paul Linse

For the RIJKS® designer Paul Linse used a mix of materials such as bronze, oak, marble, blue steel and suede. This gives the restaurant it’s cool and stylisch character in combination with the design furniture. Paul Linse was previous responsible for the interior design of various stations in the Netherlands, like Rotterdam Central Station and multiple projects at Schiphol​.

The chefs; Joris Bijdendijk, Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer

Joris Bijdendijk is responsible for the kitchen team of Restaurant RIJKS®, that each season will be inspired by an international guest cook. Margot Janse from South Africa kicks off in January. The focus of the restaurant lies on Dutch products with inspiration from the exotic flavors that influenced the Dutch cuisine through the centuries. The chefs share the Slow Food mindset and have used products from The Ark of Taste in their dishes. Inspiring: At the restaurant a ‘RIJKS TABLE’ is served, check out the menu on the website to learn more about this. We are looking forward to future RIJKS TABLES inspired by the guest cooks and wish Joris Bijdendijk and his team a lot of fun and success at the RIJKS® in the Rijksmuseum.

A new hotspot at Laren: Gastrobar Anton


  • HT Gastrobar Anton
  • HT Gastrobar Anton

As of today, 23 October, Laren officially has a new hotspot: Gastrobar Anton opens in the same building as restaurant Mauve near the famous ‘Brink’ and can be visited for a coffee, a drink or snack. The GastroBar has a hip, Scandinavian design, with high tables, designer bar chairs, a large solid bar and a comfortable lounge area with leather sofas. Different types of wood, leather and fabric are used in the interior, together with it’s vintage touch this creates a warm atmosphere.

Gastrobar Anton

Where their neighbors, Mauve restaurant, is known for its lunch and dinner, Gastrobar Anton is a great place for a drink, a culinary lunch or shared dining until late in the evening. The dishes are adapted to the drink menu and they are matching with the various drinks. These combination are served by the chefs, for example:

  • Grilled beetroot, goat cheese mousse, sherry vinegar and tarragon, with a good glass of wine.
  • Steak tartare with puffed quinoa and mustard foam, with a cocktail.
  • Panna cotta of white chocolate with caramelized pineapple, with a cup of coffee.

In the weekends guests can stay even longer, every Friday and Saturday a DJ is playing music.

Popular dishes from New York at Hudson Bar & Kitchen in Zoetermeer


  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer
  • Hudson Zoetermeer

Hudson Bar & Kitchen, the New York-style restaurant with dishes like the Hudson Burger, Organic Hot Dogs, Chili Con Carne, Wraps, Nachos, Chicken Wings, Cheese Cake and cocktails such as the Royal Mojito and Long Island Ice Tea, recently opened in Zoetermeer.

Willem Post about the similarity between restaurants in NYC and Hudson Bar & Kitchen

During the opening there was a short speech by Willem Post (NYC expert) in which he indicated the similarities between restaurants in the city and the atmosphere and menu of Hudson Bar & Kitchen. He gave his new book, The Magic of New York, to Mariette van Leeuwen, who is alderman of Zoetermeer and officially opened the restaurant. She gave the owners an olive tree…. here we have to point out that currently the growth of the Hudson Bar & Kitchen chain is faster than an olive tree grows. Hudson Bar & Kitchen in Zoetermeer is already the 6th restaurant of the chain. The other locations are in The Hague, Naaldwijk, Rotterdam, Noordwijkerhout and Almere.

About Hudson Bar & Kitchen

The restaurant is located in the ‘Sara Lydia Hoeve’ in Zoetermeer. It’s a spacious, modern decorated restaurant with wall paintings and has a rural American look and feel. In the weekends they have the ‘Afterdinner Beatz’ with DJs and on Sundays the ‘family day’ includes entertainment for the little ones. The restaurant also serves a High Wine arrangement which we earlier wrote about. In the Hudson Suite on the first floor you can eat with a private group.

We wish the owners, Doina Jonkman – de Gier and Alain Reestman  lots of success with their new business.

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