The Duchess


Restaurant ‘The Duchess’ in the former KAS Bank and the new W Amsterdam opens this summer. It’s just a short distance away from the Royal Palace at the Dam square. Founder Yossi Eliyahoo of ‘The Duchess’ calls the restaurant a luxurious retreat in the crowded heart of Amsterdam.

The Kitchen

All the tastes are prepared in a handmade Molteni kitchen. This kitchen has been designed specially for the restaurant. An exclusive table is located in middle of the kitchen, The Duchess Table. The menu is inspired by the tastes that are characteristic for countries such as France and Italy. The restaurant uses products like artichoke, zucchini, lemons, olives, tomatoes, truffles, a variety of seafood, meat and fresh pastas. These are all local products from France and Italy.

The ‘Afternoon Tea’ is an important part of ‘The Duchess’. During this light meal there will be a variety of small pastries and scones served with signature marmalades. Besides that, the restaurant also serves one of its many tea blends and champagnes. Adjusted to the ‘dining experience’, the drink menu consists of different drinks, cocktails and punch.


Yossi Eliyahoo is inspired by the history of the former bank and combined this with the character of ‘The Duchess’. The interior has been brought into balance with the elegance and refinement of a royal past and with the comfort and intrigues from this time. The hall is decorated with a ceiling that is made of glass surrounded by marble details and handmade floor tiles.

Joint venture ‘World of Food’ a new streetfood food hall in Amsterdam



Throughout The Netherlands more and more food halls are rapidly created. Recently a joint venture in the Southeast of Amsterdam signed the papers to transform a former parking garage into the ‘World of Food’, a new type of food hall. Dozens of entrepreneurs joined forces and are collectively responsible for both cooking the street food and running the joint project. The ‘World of Food’ opens late May 2015.

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That’s one way to avoid taking the stairs, take the slide!


Rapidly from the second floor to breakfast? At The RedDot hotel in Taiwan you can take a slide! Hotel guests go back to their childhood, smiling on their way down.

The slide in the RedDot Hotel

General Manager Stephen Wu of the RedDot hotel in Taichung City invented the slide, inspired by the open slides at Google headquarters. Costs: 100,000 US dollars for the 30-meter stainless steel tunnel slide. The slide consists out of 102 stainless steel parts! Watch the video for more great details in the RedDot hotel like the barber chair in the lobby and the neon lights art… Which hotel in The Netherlands is going to install a slide?

Do you want to be an ‘innovative’ entrepreneur at ‘De Pier’ in Scheveningen?


The iconic Pier in Scheveningen (near The Hague in the Netherlands) is completely rebuilt and is still looking for some enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Innovative entrepreneurs.

The now abandoned but soon completely revamped ‘Pier’ will be opened for the public this year after a major renovation. For young and old, locals and tourists, foodies and shoppers. ‘De Pier’ is an international hotspot at sea with a wide variety of contemporary and innovative concepts. For example with food trucks and catering stands but also with art and culture, festivals, events and (pop-up) stores. The last units will be available for driven and innovative entrepreneurs.

‘De Pier’ will be one of our national prides again

‘De Pier’ is a national icon in The Netherlands and defining the picture of the coastline of Scheveningen since 1901. With a completely new meaning and after a thorough renovation. ‘De Pier’ will reopen in 2015. According to Marius van der Werff, on behalf of ‘De Pier’, the iconic Pier isn’t only saved but also “transformed into a unique center for an international and diverse audience.”

Start a business at the Pier

At the Pier there will be a diverse range of restaurants, bars, shops and much more. Existing and new entrepreneurs can indulge themselves in a world of possibilities in the field of creative and innovative concepts; from ‘haute Friture’ shops and juice bars to ‘pop up’ and experience stores. Driven and innovative entrepreneurs now have the chance to be part of the catering, retail and other concepts at the Pier. The Pier has some unique stands and spaces available for the very best concepts. Interested entrepreneurs can submit their plan through the website until April 1, 2015. Find out more about the new Pier at their website as well.

A postcard from Istanbul, short film by the St. Regis


The opening of the St. Regis Istanbul on 1 March 2015 is celebrated with a short film to introduce the St. Regis into Istanbul. St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and Emmy award winning actor and director John Malkovich have partnered to make this film.

About A postcard from Istanbul

A film about Istanbul and love, A Postcard from Istanbul was shot at the historical locations of the city and at The St. Regis Istanbul. Featuring Julian Sands and Turkish actress Belçim Bilgin, the film unveils the sensory treasures and charm of the city. It tells the story about a screenwriter in search of inspiration, who travels to Istanbul and discovers the city’s attractions with the help of a tour guide.

The St. Regis Istanbul

The St. Regis Istanbul is situated close to the Bosphorus and is surrounded by luxurious boutiques, the very best culinary offerings and the finest of art and entertainment. Mere steps away are attractions such as the Maçka Park and Taksim square. The 5-star luxury hotel has 104 rooms and 14 suites.

Inspiration: Create your own ‘short film’ around a special occasion in your hotel or at your location. It could go viral and reach a lot of potential guests.

Art in the Plate


  • Art in the Plate
  • Art in the Plate
  • Art in the Plate
  • Art in the Plate
  • Art in the Plate
  • Art in the Plate

On the occasion of Art Brussels (from Saturday to Monday 25 – 27 April at the Brussels Expo in Heysel), Bowery restaurant celebrates his passion for art. Chef Maxime Maziers and his team created an exclusive menu ‘Art in the Plate’, which will be available in a limited edition.

Restaurant & bar Bowery

Bowery Restaurant & Bar is located in the heart of Brussels and is part of the creative space of Smets Premium Store. A unique location that offers a mix of fashion, beauty, design, art and gastronomy. Bowery consists of three rooms with a refined and cosmopolitan decor combining design and contemporary art.

Maxime Maziers

Chef Maxime Maziers offers a modern, seasonal cuisine with special attention to the quality and flavors of the product. With passion, determination and sophistication Maxime Maziers brings these products to a higher level to offer his guests a gastronomic experience in the Bowery.

Art in the Plate

The limited edition is available on Friday 24 April and Saturday 25 April. As chef Maxime Maziers is as creative as the designers of the restaurant, ‘The Art in the Plate’ should be great! We are particularly interested in pictures of his dish ‘The Apple of Bowery’. So if you are near Brussels on these dates …..



Poptails, the summer funs at Sky Bar, Bangkok’s highest rooftop bar at the Lebua State Tower hotel. Poptails are premium classic cocktails paired with brain-freezing popsicles. ‘Poptails’ derived from the two words – popsicle and cocktails.

Poptails are made of…

The master mixologist at ‘The Dome’ at the Lebua State Tower hotel created the poptails to create fun and excitement around his cocktails! Premium is referring to the base spirits – the Havana 3 Years Rum, Absolut 100 Vodka, Olmeca Tequila and Plymouth Gin – that are used to create these cocktails. They serve a Rocky Road Martini: (Chocolate martini) – 1.5 oz Absolute 100 Vodka – 0.1 oz white chocolate liqueur – 0.5 oz hazelnut liqueur, rimmed with dark, Dutch chocolate and garnished with a Rocky Road Popsicle made of chocolate, marshmallow, peanuts, water, simple syrup and milk.

The other cocktails which are served with a popsicle: Berrymania (with a creamy berry / lemon popsicle), The Clover Pop (with a pineapple popsicle) and The Pop Star (with a melon and raspberry popsicle).

The Sky Bar

Due to the Sky Bar’s innovative cocktails, striking atmosphere and spectacular views, it earned the distinction of being named “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see” by The New York Times and is one of the highlights of Bangkok’s nightlife scene. So, if you’re planning to go to Bangkok, this is the place to drink a cocktail. They also serve a Hangovertinis, a cocktail created for the cast of ‘The Hangover Part II’ while they were filming at Lebua. This cocktail has gone on to become Thailand’s signature drink.

As said the view is amazing and the cocktails at the Sky Bar are delicious! I know, it’s one of those places I can say of: ‘Been there, done that’. But unfortunately they didn’t serve the popsicles then, so I don’t mind going back! ^Marjolein

Floral workshop with Dutch flowers at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris


The Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris offers an exclusive experience to participate in a floral arrangement class hosted by Jeff Leatham, the hotel’s artistic Director and famous rock & roll florist.

Floral workshop

Jeff Leathman quarterly organizes a floral arrangement class in the Four Seasons Hotel George V. It’s a rare opportunity to meet the famous artist and discover his secrets about how to make stunning flower bouquets. The class starts with a demonstration followed by a practical lesson.
Every month Jeff comes up with a new theme and creates his bouquets with flowers from the Netherlands. Every week 9.000 flowers are delivered at the hotel.

Jeff Leathman

Jeff Leathman is well known for his spectacular floral creations. He’s not only responsible for the decoration of the hotel, he also made the decorations at the grand opening of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, made floral creations for the wedding of Tina Turner and was a guest at the show of Oprah Winfrey.

Scandic Hotel in Stockholm revitalizes the Vasateatern theater


  • Vasateatern
  • Vasateatern

After years of having stood empty the Vasateatern theater in Stockholm will be revived. A vibrant cultural scene for theater and music will become a reality when the theatre is connected with the Scandic Grand Central hotel, along with restaurants and bars it will create a one-of-a-kind hotel. The design for the ‘Vasateatern’ is a cooperation between the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region, Scandic, and the owner of the property, KLP Fastigheter.

The foyer of the theater (from 1890’s) was already part of Scandic Grand Central, but now the whole theater will be back in the spotlight. Guests will be able to step directly from the hotel’s bistro into the historic and beautiful theater, where legendary Swedish actors and actresses have performed.

The plan for the Vasateatern theater

Scandic Central Hotel has already distinguished itself as an ambitious venue for concerts and clubbing. With the theater the hotel will be able to attract a larger audience. The theater will be rented to companies that produce smaller musicals, theater and dance performances. The restoration of the theater takes place under the guidance of antique experts and depending on the length of the renovation, the theatre is expected to reopen in the spring or summer of 2016.

In Amsterdam the Supperclub will settle at the Odeon theater

Recently it has become known that the property of the Odeon theatre in Amsterdam is sold to the Supperclub. The Supperclub is forced to move to a new location after 20 years. The Odeon is a large and impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam with a rich history as amongst others, a former theater, cinema and concert hall. What exactly will be the interpretation remains a surprise but with the Supperclub this is definitely something to look forward to.

Hospitality with a story at PRESSROOM



PRESSROOM opens her doors in Amsterdam in the spring of 2015. The restaurant is located in the former building of the Dutch newspaper ‘De Tijd’. This was the place where stories arose, were written and were eventually printed in ink. These three themes: ‘time, ink & stories’ play a big part in the story of PRESSROOM and have been decisive for the selection of the staff, the interior and menu.

Hospitality with a story

PRESSROOM started looking for staff with an innovating recruitment campaign. Through this campaign, the restaurant has casted characters based on their personal and unique stories. The recruitment is completed, but they were looking for, among others, the following character’s; ‘The Mastermind’, ‘The Fortune Teller’, ‘The Flavour Maker’ and ‘The Brewer’. If you have to fulfil those functions, you do have to create a story around them. 😉 The interior is also based on a PRESSROOM with classic typewriters, ink bottles of glass and large rolls of printing paper.

All day drink&eat

PRESSROOM has selected an all-day drink&eat menu for every part of the day. Coffees are made with a machine of ‘Van der Westen’, also called ‘the king of the espresso’. With lunch and dinner it is all about sharing. The dinner menu is a combination of international cuisine with local produced products. You can drink a cocktail until late at the Library Lounge or the bar. PRESSROOM lives from early in the morning until late at night because the story must go on…

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