Cupcake ATM in NYC


Leonie van Spronsen spotted the first cupcake ATM in New York by Sprinkles. The company already had cupcake ATM’s in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Dallas and grew to a respectable chain of shops since 2012.

Beach bar leaves crisis behind


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&samhoud microwave meals at Albert Heijn


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From 31 March onwards, super market chain Albert Heijn offers four new vegetarian ready-made ??meals: &lasagna, &moussaka, &couscous and &chili sin carne. The meals are based on recipes from 2 ** Michelin Chef Moshik, chef and co-owner of & samhoud places in Amsterdam. Tomato is used to give a meat-alike experience in the meals. Of each meal sold € 0.05 goes to ‘SOS Kinderdorpen’.

Parachute delivery after mobile payment


David McDonald and Adam Grant wanted to serve sandwiches from the 7th floor of a building, one of the reasons was the lack of affordable retail spaces on street level. They chose to use parachutes and started the Jafflechute company. The customers have to pay via a smartphone and can pick-up their order at a mark near the building.

Pistolet shop Brussels


A shop that is fully dedicated to the perfect pistolet: a white and round bread with a crispy crust and a slit at the top. Pistolet-original opened its doors in Brussels last year. The breads sold are made according to the recipe of baker Yves Guns and are topped with fillings like shrimps from Zeebrugge, beef with pickles and Ardennes Hesp. The recipes are made along with top chefs Pierre Wynants and Freddy Vandecasserie. Pistolet-original also sells small seasonal dishes, desserts, drinks and a variety of Belgian beers. Click here for more pictures.

Swimming or clubbing in a ghost station in Paris


Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, candidate of the French party ‘Union pour un Mouvement Populaire’ has commissioned a series of proposals of how the Ghost Stations in the center of Paris could be used. In collaboration with OXO architects and Laisné Architecte she made a number of designs on how to transform the vacant subterranean spaces. Their ideas vary from restaurants and nightclubs to a pool and even a theater. Paris has a total of 16 disused subway stations, most of which are closed between 1930 and 1970.

The magic factor is running


Theme park De Efteling organized in collaboration with radio channel Q-Music the Santa run last December, but also in various Disney parks in America several runs are organized. Half marathons for the whole family, both young children and adults. Like the Princess Half in February, but also the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend and the kidsrun. Disney is also working on setting up a #DisneyFitChallenge. We see that entertainment around running is becoming more important, earlier we saw the Color Run in the Netherlands and on 29 March the Electric Run will take place. Perhaps in the context of health and to make the youth more enthusiastic about running, the theme parks such as De Efteling can organize various types of runs, with the inspiration from Disney Land.

Slow food at the Milano Centrale station


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In the home of the slow food movement (northern Italy) Autogrill (from the resto stops) has opened Bistrot Milano Centrale in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. In the former 3rd class waiting room of the Central Station of Milan, one serves local traditional dishes, taking into account the seasons and as healthy as possible preparations, like the use of sourdough and of traditional maturing and ageing processes. The Bistrot Centrale is a vibrant ambience evoking a typical covered market, where high quality goes hand in hand, with food islands like a bakery, cafe, street food, wine bar and gourmet cuisine. The objective is to provide a sustainable venue, with a special focus on respect for the natural environment, local culture and economy, also through use of natural materials, the limiting of waste and the promotion of virtuous practice amongst the clientele as well.

Fizz Las Vegas in co-crreation with Sir Elton John


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Champagne lounge and bar Fizz Las Vegas opened in November 2013 inside Caesars Palace . FIZZ Las Vegas features a selection of high-end champagnes by the glass and carefully-curated spirits. Working with David Furnish and Sir Elton John’s personal chef, exquisite choices of caviar, gourmet paninis and small plates complement the beverage selection. The 2,750-square-foot lounge celebrates the crossroad between champagne and couture cocktail offerings with art, fashion and design. The art consists out of Elton John’s and David Furnish’s extraordinary colored photography collection.

The making of restaurant Het Witte Paard


The self-service restaurant of the Efteling, named ‘Het Witte Paard’ (the white horse) has been renovated and reopened on 1 March. The new restaurant looks like a tea house of the early 1900’s, with six different rooms each unique and nostalgic. The video above shows the making of the restaurant. A nice way to show the ambience and progress of the rebuilding of the restaurant.

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