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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

Vegan is getting more and more important! We spotted articles about Willicroft’s ‘This is Not Cheese’ products, vegan Mini BabyBel cheese, vegan Boursin soft cheese and a new sustainability label for fish alternatives called ‘friend of the Sea’.

With all the restaurants, pubs etc. closing in the UK, Burger King tweeted that people could help the industry by treating themself to tasty meals even from McDonald’s. And we spotted one of the first list of predictions for 2021, ten food trends according to Whole Foods.

Recently opened at The Connaught Hotel with its own entrance: The Connaught Patisserie. Take-away or delivery of an afternoon tea! And a great way to introduce your new hotel in Auckland, New Zealand by QT Hotels & Resorts. Their treasure hunt created a big buzz!

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Willicroft’s ‘This is Not Cheese’ Launches in the Netherlands and Belgium

Willicroft is Amsterdam’s first vegan cheese shop. The Willicroft’s cheeses are being stocked at Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket in the Netherlands. Known as “This is Not Cheese”, the range is mostly cashew-based. It includes grated cheese, cheese sauce, fondue, and more. The initial launch at the Albert Heijn supermarkets includes “This is Not Cheese Sauce”, “This is Not Grated Cheese (Italian Style)”, “This is Not Cream Cheese Classic”, and “This is Not Cream Cheese Dill”. More at the website of the Vegconomist, link in the title.

Vegan Mini BabyBel cheese, Boursin soft cheese and The Laughing Cow’

As we’re talking vegan cheese, we also came across this news: The French Multinational Bel Group aims to have vegan Mini Babybel cheese in U.S. supermarkets by next year! They also announced that by the end of this month a  plant-based version of Boursin soft cheese will be available through Amazon Fresh. More at the website of Live Kindly, link in the title. In this article they also indicate working on a vegan version of their famous ‘The Laughing Cow’.

‘Friend of the Sea’-certification program to be rolled out for plant-based seafood

Because of the rising demand for vegan fish, a new sustainability label has been designed for fish alternatives called ‘friend of the Sea”. The anticipated certification scheme will be led by the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) in partnership with the Good Food Institute’s (GFI) Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Like all certification initiative, it will help guide consumer purchasing decisions. More at the website Food Ingredients first, link in the title.

Burger King: “Order from McDonald’s.”

Last week, Burger King UK tweeted something nobody ever thought they would do. They called out to support their competition in the (fast)food industry. As the UK is in lockdown again, all pubs, bars and restaurants had to close from November 5th. Burger King tweets that not only they, but all restaurants and their staff need the support from the public: “So, if you want to help, keep treating yourself to tasty meals through home delivery, takeaway or drive thru. Getting a Whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing.”

Ten food trends for 2021, according to Whole Foods

The first predictions are in: Whole Foods Market’s sixth annual trend predictions, more than 50 Whole Foods team members ranging from local foragers to global buyers teamed up to determine what products might grow the most in 2021. We’re glad we don’t have to make them for 2021, with Covid-19 and all the changes we experienced this year! Here are the 10 headlines: Food with Benefits – Basics with a Twist – Coffee Beyond the Cup – Breakfast Gets Bougie – Baby Food Gets Fancy – Chickpeas Go Mainstream – Upcycling Is Here to Stay – EVOO Has More Competition – ‘Booch Goes Boozy’ – Beyond-Beef Jerkies. For explanation please check the website of Eating Well, link in the title.

The Connaught Patisserie

Recently opened at The Connaught Hotel on Carlos Place in Mayfair, The Connaught Patisserie. Situated at the side of the hotel, with its own entrance on majestic Mount Street complete with grand columns and pink flag flying proudly, this space will see exquisite Connaught patisserie – one of the hotel’s famous signatures – showcased and available for all to indulge.  Each day, delicious pastries and patisserie will be sold or – if allowed in this pandemic – served to customers in the intimate rose-hued surroundings of the shop. Another way of enjoying the grand tradition of the afternoon tea, ordering delicacies at home, just call upon The Connaught for hand delivered patisserie and celebratory cakes beautifully boxed and ribboned. As it has its own entrance, we think this shop might stay long after the pandemic.

Treasure hunt for free hotel rooms for the opening of a new hotel by QT Hotels & Resorts

QT Hotels & Resorts came up with a fun way to attract local residents to their new property in Auckland, New Zealand. As tourist are not insight due to the pandemic, the hotel opened with a buzz created by a treasure hunt! Over the course of five days, the hotel hid 150 keys across Auckland in a citywide treasure hunt, with each key giving its finder a free night’s stay in one of the hotel’s 150 stylish rooms. Aucklanders had to check QT’s website for codes to open lockboxes holding the keys. Great way to communicate an opening with locals. More at the website of Trendwatching, link in the title.

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