by Noa | Culinary hotspot in The Hague where you can order 60 wines by the glass


by Noa in The Hague is a new culinary hotspot. A unique concept in the heart of the city, with the possibility of ordering 60 different wines by the glass. In addition to a selection from traditional wine countries such as France and Italy, By Noa also serves wines from less famous wine countries, such as the United States and Argentina. With this concept, General Manager Dimitri Kalaitzis does not only targets tourists, but also hopes to make the local population enthusiastic about by Noa, in the Mövenpick Hotel.

by Noa is located in the Mövenpick hotel

The local community is normally not really likely to visit a restaurant located in a hotel. Locals think that these restaurants are aimed at tourists. by NOA on the contrary is also welcoming residents of The Hague with open arms.

60 wines by the glass

by Noa differentiates themselves by selling all wines from the menu by the glass. Therefore, general manager Dimitri Kalaitzis thinks this concept is unique in this area. How often does it happen that you fancy a wine that you can only order by the bottle? You don’t have to take a whole bottle to try another wine. Everyone has its own taste, right?

by Noa (Paleisstraat 5) is open seven days a week. On weekdays from 06.00 to 22.00 hours and in weekends from 06.30 to 22.00 hours. In the evening you can enjoy various jazz genres.

Website: by Noa

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