Michelin star drive thru | Taste the art of 4 Michelin starred chefs in one meal


  • Michelinsterren Drive Thru
  • Michelinsterren Drive Thru
  • Michelinsterren Drive Thru

A detour which everyone loves to make. The Michelin star drive thru at the stadium of soccer club Excelsior, in Rotterdam, executed by four Michelin starred chefs. A take-away meal has never been as delicious as this.

After a collaboration in the past, the culinary stars of Rotterdam are gathering again to collaborate. Lovers of high-quality food can enjoy meals at home from restaurant Parkheuvel, restaurant Fred, restaurant Joelia and restaurant Perceel, with in total 6 Michelin stars combined. We would go for the dishes: ‘Bouillabaise | Tomato | Vadouvan’ of restaurant Perceel, the ‘Ravioli of the Bresse Chicken’ of restaurant Parkheuvel and the ‘Pannactta | Pineapple | Star anise’ of restaurant Fred. You only have to order the food and collect it by driving through the drive thru. Taste the art of 4 Michelin starred chefs in one meal!  

Michelin star drive thru | What can you order?

After having served a five-course menu on state of the art ship Blue Rhapsody last summer, chefs Fred Mustert of restaurant Fred (2 Michelin stars), Erik van Loo of restaurant Parkheuvel (2 Michelin stars), Mario Ridder of restaurant Joelia (1 Michelin star), Jos Grootscholten of restaurant Perceel (1 Michelin star) and HEERLIJK.nl are collaborating again by starting the Star Drive Thru. The result is a drive thru of astonishing quality.

Some of the courses that you can order at this ultra-luxurious drive thru are restaurant Joelia’s Likkepot with crab and caviar or coquille with foie and truffle of restaurant Fred, ravioli with the Bresse Chicken of restaurant Parkheuvel or beef tartare with kimchi and quinoa of restaurant Perceel. As a supplement, you can choose for pata negra, Gillardeau oysters and a cheese platter made by the fromager of the year: Sven van Leeuwen of restaurant Fred. The wine at the Star Drive Thru are from the same delicious calibre.


Website: HEERLIJK.nl

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