The Check Out Suite for Valentine’s Day | Check out from social media and check in at the screen free hotel room


  • The Check Out SuiteThe Check Out Suite
  • The Check Out SuiteThe Check Out Suite
  • The Check Out SuiteThe Check Out Suite
  • The Check Out SuiteThe Check Out Suite

Another hotel that plays with the social media addiction of many guests today! On 14 February guests of the ‘Check Out Suite’ have the chance to experience a unique hotel stay at Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden. There’s only one condition – you need to put down your screens. They introduce the world’s first hotel room where the price is set according to how much you browse the web. Less browsing and more hanging out equals a better price. So, check-in, and then check-out! They want to encourage people that are staying in the hotel to spend more time together and less time looking at the phone screen. The Check Out Suite is an exciting concept that challenges our online behavior and incites us to spend more time together. Unfortunately the registration date has expired! Great way to increase your brand awareness!  

The Check Out Suite | At Hotel Bellora

The Check Out Suite is a collaboration between Hotel Bellora  and Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän, a Swedisch insurance company that created the lamp Skärmfrip. The lamp uses a technology that where the light goes from white to red depending on how much you connect to social media and the web. On february 14,  the lamp will be connected in The Check Out Suite at Hotel Bellora where the usage of the screen will determine the price of the room. So if you don’t use your phone the room is totally free.

This is how the Skärmfrip lamp works

Through the wifi The Skärmfrip (Screen-free) lamp measures how much time you spend on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat and Twitter and gradually changes the light from white to red. The price of the hotel room increases as the light changes from 0 SEK (Swedish Kroon) to full price with a cost of 20 SEK ( 1,91 EUR) per minute spent online. After recommended recreational screen time of 30 minutes per person (two hours for a family with four members) the lamp switches to red and you have reached full price for The Check Out Suite.

About Hotel Bellora

Hotel Bellora is a boutique hotel, stylish Italian restaurant and bar in one. The hotel has 98 rooms over seven floors. It’s part of the ESS Group in Sweden, that’s all about creating destinations you can’t wait to return to. Unique places shaped by unique individuals. their journey started 11 years ago with Ystad Saltsjöbad, followed by Falkenberg Strandbad, Hotel Pigalle and Bellora in Gothenburg, The Steam Hotel in Västerås, Villa Strandvägen in Ystad and last but definitely not least, MJ’S in Malmö.

Website: Hotel Bellora

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