New Flagship Venice Location for Honeybee Burger opens on Earthday


  • Honeybee Burger in Venice CaliforniaHoneybee Burger in Venice California
  • Honeybee Burger in Venice CaliforniaHoneybee Burger in Venice California

Today is Earthday and the day that Honeybee Burger Inc. opens its new flagship location at 326 Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California. A great day to open a plant-based burger chain!

Honeybee plans to announce various special items and launches in celebration of Earth Day, including the QSR debut of the world’s first bio-identical vegan honey from Meli-Bio, about which we recently wrote in our ‘trends we spotted week 14‘ and the Los Angeles debut of Ripple soft-serve, which will be featured in Honeybee’s popular shake program.

Recently we also spotted the vegan Plant Power Fast Food chain in the USA, we wonder when chains like this will find their way into Europe.


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About Honeybee Burger

Venice has long been a haven for dining, retail, and tourism, and has historically been a very strong market for vegan dining. The space, located at 326 Lincoln Boulevard, is a block from one of the busiest Whole Foods Markets in all of Southern California. The Honeybee dining room seats over 30 people and features Honeybee’s classic palette of black and yellow. There is ample customer parking in the rear, with dedicated spots for delivery drivers.

Honeybee Burger’s founder, Adam Weiss, is from Los Angeles, and knows Venice well, especially given his investment in Café Gratitude, which has a thriving location in the Venice neighborhood. Adam chose to open the Venice location on April 22, which is Earth Day, as it holds particular significance for Honeybee and its mission of sustainability and concern for the environment.

s launched in Los Angeles 2019 by a group of passionate food professionals and investors, with the goal of creating the first fully mission-driven, all plant-based QSR in the Industry. Honeybee features some of the most exciting plant-based products on the market and was an early launch partner for several outstanding vegan brands, including Atlas Monroe chicken, Akua kelp patties, Oatly soft serve, and nowadays chicken nuggets. Everything on Honeybee’s menu is plant-based, and there are numerous gluten-free and soy free options to accommodate people with allergies. Honeybee’s mission is to help increase the popularity of plant-based food for consumers everywhere, and to raise awareness for the impact we all have on the environment every time we make a food choice.

Honeybee’s creator, Adam Weiss, is a long-time finance professional with a successful track-record of investing in plant-based businesses, including Café Gratitude, and Plantible Foods, a plant-based protein company located in San Marcos, CA.

Website: Honeybee Burger

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