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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others, about a ‘Gin Palace’ in Scotland, Indian ice cream balls and The LoL PARK esports stadium in South Korea. We also spotted an article with great design images of a hotel in a former sugar factory and you will be able to buy low-calorie boozy push-pops ice creams at restaurant Paddlefish in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Click on the title if you would to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Low-Calorie Boozy push-pops ice cream served at Disney World

Disney Springs, the shopping and dining hub of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, announced that they will begin serving boozy push-pops at Paddlefish restaurant. The fat free, adult-only treats made by Buzz Pop Cocktails come in eight different flavors including mango passionfruit, Moscow mule, and blueberry pomegranate, and all for under 100 calories.

Hendrick’s opens ‘Gin Palace’ in Scotland

Scottish gin brand Hendrick’s has just unveiled a $17 million update to its distillery in Girvan known as The Hendrick’s Gin Palace. Upon arrival, visitors can expect to find “a mysterious and enchanting walled garden which leads to a magnificent and imposing Victorian inspired palm house,” Hendrick’s states in the announcement. “This is flanked by two botanical hot houses used to cultivate a plethora of unusual botanicals and flora from around the world. There is the inner sanctum that is [Master Distiller Lesley Gracie’s] laboratory which features a curious flavour library, a lecture theatre that encourages scholarly learnings and a suitably stylish bar.”

Indian ice cream balls on top of a flower cone

Pondicheri at 15 West, 27th Street in New York City serves ice cream balls in handmade cones in special flavors. At the moment they serve three different flavors of ice cream all made in house from scratch. They serve Moringa mint avocado ice cream (dairy free), Golden ice cream made with Turmeric and chocolate chili cookie dough ice cream. Their cones are also handmade with turmeric, hibiscus rose and moringa. They use edible flowers, peppercorns and poppy seeds to finish their handmade cones. Check out the video of Refinery by clicking the link in the title.

The LoL PARK esports stadium in South Korea | World Championships League of Legends

LoL stands for League of Legends which is a famed video game. The company behind the LoL, Riot Games will be opening The LoL PARK esports stadium in South Korea in January 2019, focusing on this video game. The LoL Park hosted the 2018 League of Legends World Championships this month! Check out their website or the article at Trendwatching for more details.

Design | A Chinese sugar mill has been transformed into a gorgeous luxury hotel

An abandoned sugar factory has been transformed in the luxurious boutique Alila Yangshuo hotel in China in 2017. The luxurious hotel has been built by Vector Architects, a Beijing-based studio. Check out the beautiful images at the website of Luxury Launches.

You can’t get any fresher, line fetched fish in New York than at Zauo

As from next week, starting on Oct. 15, guests will be able to fetch a fresh fish in the Chelsea restaurant, Zauo. They only have to dip a line into a giant tank full of frisky striped bass, salmon, fluke, trout, and other fish. This is really fish tank-to-table served with a rémoulade of Japan-style kitsch. We already wrote about the Japanese restaurant chain Zauo back in 2015, it’s dining theater in the extreme with their guest playing a mayor role! We hope that the New Yorkers aren’t frightened to be part of the death of their dinner!

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