Catch your own fish at restaurant chain Zauo


The chain of Zauo restaurants in Japan serves fresh fish at the next level. Fresher is not possible, since guests can choose to catch their own fish.

Pricing policy at restaurant chain Zauo

It is even cheaper if the visitor catches his or her own fish. For example, the regular price for a red snapper is ¥ 3.360 (€ 25,=), but if the fish is caught by him- or herself, the guest only pays ¥ 2.499 (€ 19,=). The guest benefits in three ways: it is cheaper, it is fun and the fish is as fresh as possible. The fish can be prepared in various ways amongst others as sushi, tempura, pan fried and as soup. Restaurant Zauo has several locations in Japan and is very popular amongst residents and tourists.

The catching process at Zauo

The guest buys the bait at the restaurant at a price range between 100 and ¥ 200 (€ 0,75 and € 1,50) , and the fishing rods can be borrowed. Then you decide which fish you would like to catch and eat. You have to choose among others between sea bream, red snapper, flounder and lobsters. If the guest has problems catching the fish, employees are always willing to give advice. There is no such thing as a ‘catch and release’ here, once the fish is caught, he is bought. If the guest really doesn’t want the fish, the fish can be released for ¥ 200. If the fish is caught, the guest will hand it over to an employee so it can be prepared. Moreover, it can even be prepared in two different ways. If the fish doesn’t bite or if the guest fails in catching the fish, you can order from the menu. However this guest will not receive any discount! For guests who prefer anything but fish, there are alternatives, like fried chicken, chicken meatballs, fries and more.


Of course we are all familiar with the lobster aquariums which are sometimes even filled with fish. Or think about those fish ponds where you go to catch your own fish. They even sometimes have a restaurant located at these ponds where you can have your freshly caught fish prepared. Check out the video above to see the difference with the restaurant chain Zauo.

Website: Zauo

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