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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Corona Beer who invented a handy and sustainable interlocking assembly system. We also found an article about a luxury villa which makes a very special gesture in order to get high guest satisfaction.

In Dubai the new observatory deck ‘The view at the Palm’ (at the Palm Jumeirah) will be revealed by the end of 2019. And Nestlé developed a recyclable paper packaging for their Yes snack bars.

In London pup-up stores are rising night and day, with two very special stores coming up this summer like the Treats Club and The Clean Vic. And staying in London: Pick & Cheese will serve hungry Londoners an endless supply of cheese, all delivered via a 40-metre conveyor belt!  

From the Dudley Arms in Ingleby Greenhow in North Yorkshire we spotted a video on how to make their specialty: ‘Flowering Onion’. And a link to a new list: ‘The World’s 50 Best Vineyards’.

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Nestlé develops recyclable paper packaging for Yes snack bars

Nestlé is offering its Yes snack bars in a wrap of recyclable paper. This is the first time a confectionery bar has been packaged in paper using high-speed flow wrap technology. High-speed production of shelf-stable snacks such as bars could only be done using plastic films and laminates, until now says  Nestlé. But with this new technology, the paper can be used on a larger scale and still maintain product quality and freshness. The paper has a water-based coating and is made from sustainable sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Nestlé’s newest wrap is currently available in 13 countries, with the food company planning to introduce it in Europe and other places. Read more at the website of Fooddive.

Architecture | Coming soon, new panoramic views in Dubai

Master Developer Nakheel created the observatory deck at the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, which is part of the yet-to-be-unveiled Nakheel Mall. Named ‘The View at the Palm’, the iconic structure will offer spectacular, uninterrupted views of the Palm, the Arabian Gulf, and the Dubai skyline. Located on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower, the public observatory deck will also include a VIP lounge and a dedicated space for private events. The breathtaking construction will hover 240 meters above the world-famous Palm Jumeirah.

Corona Beer Fit Packs | An interlocking assembly system

In June, Mexico-based brewery Grupo Modelo won a bronze Lion award for its Corona beer Fit Packs at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The Fit Pack allows customers to stack up to 10 cans of Corona thanks to an interlocking assembly system. The design is intended to replace traditional six-pack plastic rings. Grupo Modelo will make the Fit Pack blueprints freely available so all can-makers can adopt the design.

Guest satisfaction| Luxury villa offer guests oil paintings of themselves

Customer satisfaction is probably the most important factor for consideration in the hospitality industry. And while top players in the market leave no stone unturned in pleasing their guests and their Instagram followers, this luxury villa has nailed the concept with an innovative idea.
In adding a personal touch to its services and treating guests as numero uno, hotel Villa de Campo in the Dominic Republic has recently decided to hand out oil painted portraits to guests that feature none other than themselves. The move has been welcomed in close association with oil-painting experts Nobilified who along with the hotel’s staff will decorate the chosen villas with hand-painted portraits of their guest’s faces.

Treats Club |Sweetest summer pop-up 

Taking the “treat yo’self” maxim to its most delectably conclusion, the good folks of Treats Club are launching their first-ever summer pop-up on August 12th. For what the menu may lack in variety, it more than makes up for in deliciousness. Find Treats Club beneath the Old Street Roundabout from August 12th until September 7th. They’re open 7:30am-7pm (Mon to Fri) and 12-6pm (weekends), whilst you can also spot them at Lloyd Park Market (Walthamstow) on Saturdays and Chatsworth Road Market (Homerton) on Sundays.

Pick and Cheese | A restaurant with a Cheese Conveyer belt is opening in London

The team behind Camden’s Cheese Bar have yet another cheese-related venture on the go! Nestled within the new KERB street food market in Seven Dials, Pick & Cheese will serve hungry Londoners an endless supply of cheese, all delivered via a 40-metre conveyor belt. Reinventing the familiar sushi restaurant concept! In Pick & Cheese 38 seats will centre around an electronic track that will convey over 25 British cheeses to your seat. For example, try fresh ricotta with sherry-infused cherries, or coolea with a hazelnut brittle. The plates will be colour coded to indicate price.

The Clean Vic | A no or low alcohol pop-up bar

Sainsbury’s is launching ‘The Clean Vic’, a pop-up pub in central London which will exclusively serve no or low alcohol drinks. This July, ‘The Clean Vic’ will serve a range of 20 low or alcohol-free drinks including craft beer Lucky Saint and low-alcohol distillate Celtic Soul. Entry costs £5, which includes two free drinks and bar snacks, ‘beer’-tasting sessions and mocktail-making master classes are also on offer. With one quarter of British adults saying they want to reduce their alcohol intake and almost one third of 16-24 year olds not drinking at all, low or no alcohol drinks are becoming more popular than ever.

The World’s 50 Best Vineyards revealed

Although we wonder whether there aren’t enough lists in the world, we were surprised by this one. A list of the best vineyards with no French vineyards in the top 10! The inaugural list of The World’s 50 Best Vineyards has been revealed with ‘Zuccardi Valle de Uco’ in Argentina being named the Best Vineyard in the World. Read more at the website of Fine Dining Lovers.

On the plate | Fried Flowering Onion

A video by TeessideLive about a dish called ‘Flowering Onion’ at the Dudley Arms in Ingleby Greenhow in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Video reveals how their chef makes the specialty ‘Flowering Onion’ as The Dudley Arms celebrates its 50th year.

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