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  • Facade Enso Ango building Tomio - credits Satoshi AsakawaFacade Enso Ango building Tomi l- credits Satoshi Asakawa
  • Facade Fuyao (left) and Tomio (right) - credits Satoshi AsakawaFacade Fuya l (left) and Tomi l (right) - credits Satoshi Asakawa
  • hotel room Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki Kengakuhotel room Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Bunk room Enso Ango building Yamato - credits Tomooki KengakuBunk room Enso Ango building Yamato l- credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Bathroom Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki KengakuBathroom Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Chashitsu Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki KengakuChashitsu Enso Ango Fuya ll - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Lounge Enso Ango building Fuya l - credits Tomooki KengakuLounge Enso Ango building Fuya l - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Lounge Enso Ango building Tomi l - credits Tomooki KengakuLounge Enso Ango building Tomi l - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • Lounge Enso Ango building Tomi ll - credits Tomooki KengakuLounge Enso Ango building Tomi ll - credits Tomooki Kengaku
  • terrace Enso Ango building Tomi ll - credits Tomooki Kengakuterrace Enso Ango building Tomi ll - credits Tomooki Kengaku

Opened in the fall of 2018, ENSO ANGO’s five zen-inspired properties function as one to immerse the traveler in the living culture of Kyoto. Each property contains communal spaces and facilities, so that guests aren’t staying in one hotel building. Guests can choose to visit spaces in five buildings nestled into the charming side streets of central Kyoto. With six more buildings planned to join the current five, the people behind the progressive hotel concept ‘Enso Ango’ are committed to a continuing process of evolution and to further enriching the experience of their guests.

November 2019 we received a notice that as of November 30, 2019, Ango Hotels will end the operation of ENSO ANGO and Global Hotel Management will take over its operation from December 1, 2019 by mutual agreement. The name of the hotel is a subject to change in the future as the brand ENSO ANGO is created by Ango Hotels Inc.

Enso Ango is Zen-inspired

Zen ideals underlie the core of Japanese culture, both ancient and present. The mission of Enso Ango is to bring the essence of Zen into the arena of hospitality; to come together, to learn, to gain new insight and to provide opportunities for reflecting on the self. As part of that the dispersed hotel has collaborated with a community of artists. The zen theme is central to and is reflected in the exterior and interior design characterized by functionality, simplicity and beauty in the details. Drawing inspiration from the roots of Zen, ENSO ANGO aspires to be an ever-evolving hotel, connecting people, activities and endless possibilities. Aware of both the tiniest details and the bigger picture, they aim to bring people together on their different paths through life.

The dispersed hotel concept

Each of the five buildings has been created with communal spaces such as lounges, Tatami Salon, guest kitchens, bars, restaurant and a gym. Guests are free to check in at all 5 buildings and use the communal areas. Using those facilities as bases to explore from, creating their own unique routes through the streets and neighborhoods of Kyoto.

The five buildings are located within walking distance from each other in the central neighborhoods of Kyoto (between Gojo and Shijo Street), the surrounding area is home to a wealth of local cuisine, specialist shops and craftsmen. Year-round small festivals and events take place and as guests make their way between the five buildings of the hotel. The bars and restaurant are open to Kyoto residents and all guests, they provide a rare channel of communication between locals and travelers and a coming together of different cultures.

The five buildings

Enso Ango Fuya l: a fusion of classical Machiya and art gallery, kind of blurring the boundary between gallery and hotel. It has 16 rooms.

Enso Ango Fuya ll: The largest of the five properties with a Japanese tea room and a Tatami straw mat room, incorporating elements of traditional Japanese culture into its design. This building also has a state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment gym by Matrix Fitness and a Japanese garden. It has 86 rooms.

Enso Ango Tomi l: Dining and connecting are the themes for this building with expansive wall art by Katsuhiko Hibino. In their restaurant they’re committed to sustainability and health which is expressed through using locally-grown foods and locally-sourced meats and seafood. In their hotel, bars and restaurants alike they’re committed to reducing plastic garbage by choosing re-usable items made of glass and wood. Enso Ango Tomi l has 29 rooms.

Enso Ango Tomi ll: The interaction space by the Swiss design group Atelier Oï. This building has the only restaurant that is available for both breakfast and dinner. It has 75 rooms.

Enso Ango Yamato l: This is the smallest of the five buildings and closest to the bustling streets of the Gion neighborhood. In this hotel they have 23 rooms with bunk beds and a bar.

Website: Enso Ango

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