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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about an Ajax burger, we couldn’t resist to write about this one! We hope you’re all crossing your fingers for Ajax next Wednesday! And two concepts about shared kitchens! Suiba shared kitchen from Tokyo and Carrousel in Utrecht.

The hotel concept from Zoku is going global with 2 new destinations in 2020 and in Israel an automated cannabis farm will open! And our Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry might soon be on the menu of McDonald’s in the U.S..

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Suiba shared kitchen concept in Tokyo

Schemata Architects, based in Tokyo, has created a new kind of shared kitchen concept. The concept offers diners a new way to eat out by cooking for each other instead of ordering and being served. The space can also be used as a kind of showroom for companies to let consumers try their food related products. The space is designed to let everyone that passes by, have sight on anything that takes place inside. As they indicate at the website of Springwise: co-working spaces are everywhere so why not share kitchens?

Carousel in Utrecht | Restaurant with changing concept and owners 

Unfortunately a link to a Dutch article but we give you the short context! Great initiative in Utrecht, in the former restaurant ‘Gare du Sud’ at the Oosterkade. ‘Carrousel’, a pop-up restaurant with a varying concept, owner and kitchen team will open there. Chef Edwin Severijn is the first to use the concept. In May and June this year, Severijn makes a comeback to the Utrecht hospitality industry as owner of Carrousel. Afterwards aspiring chefs and hospitality entrepreneurs can test their idea in Carrousel. Very trendy idea as you can read in the article above about Suiba in Tokyo!

Great idea by Brasserie Van Dam in Amsterdam | An Ajax hamburger

Unfortunately another link to a Dutch article but we’re big fans of Ajax! The Ajax hamburger from Brasserie Van Dam in Amsterdam has not only brought Ajax luck, but also generated a good turnover! The hamburger was completely sold out on the day of the competition. View the image on the website of De Snackkoerier.

Seedo Automated Farm | Automated Cannabis Farm in Israel

This Seedo farm was announced after Israel legalized medical marijuana exports in December 2018. Seedo is a hydroponic growing device manufacturer and they’re applying its technology to build a fully automated cannabis farm on Kibbutz Dan in Israel. To optimize the crop the whole system is automated in containers (each container is expected to produce 163 kg of medical marijuana per year) and they use robot arms and machine learning monitoring software. Read in the newsletter of Trendwatching.

Zoku goes global

News from the Amsterdam based concept developer concrete:  the concept Zoku is expanding! In 2020 two new Zoku’s will open in Copenhagen and Vienna. The Viennese one will be the biggest of all with 160 Zoku Lofts. The first Zoku opened its doors in 2016 and marked the start of a new, award-winning hybrid hospitality concept. Zoku disrupted the industry norms with its unique lofts, marking the end of the hotel room as we know it and social spaces functioning as a neighborhood.

Stroopwafel McFlurry and other international items on the menu of McDonald’s in the U.S.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet but it looks like the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry will soon be on the menu in the U.S.. According to Business Insider, the alleged ‘Worldwide Favorites’ menu will reportedly include two sandwiches, a souped-up order of fries and the Stroopwafel McFlurry. Read the full article at the website of Bustle.


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