Zoku: hotel – office – living


Zoku will be facilitating global living and working, it’s a home-office hybrid with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood. The first Zoku will open this fall in Amsterdam.

Zoku is announced as the end of the traditional hotel room. This new hotel concept is a hotel, office and residential space in one. This way they will meet the needs of global nomads, for who working internationally is an essential part of their lives. The Zoku Loft will offer them an efficient workspace that also provides a comfortable and cozy feeling of home at inspiring places.

Zoku is focused on global nomads

Zoku means ‘family’ or ‘clan’ in Japanese. It’s a place to live, work and sleep for the global nomads who want to work and travel all over the world. With the service of a hotel and the dynamics of a cozy neighborhood. Zoku is co-designed with design and architecture firm Concrete from Amsterdam. The characteristics of a Zoku loft, hybrid living encounters compact living:
• more space in less square footage
• at least 25 m2
• smart use of space – flexible working and living environment
• the central element of the room: the table for four persons
• a kitchen element
• an alcove with all office supplies
• an increased, loft-like sleeping area which can be shielded
• the furniture of Danish design brand Muuto
• the art can be personalized by the guests.

Zoku opens its first branch in Amsterdam

The first Zoku will be opened on the Weesperstraat in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2015. Reservations for the 133 lofts are possible as from July. The hotel also has 500 square meters of public areas. The owners strive for a rapid out roll of Zoku’s in the most creative cities in the world. So if you know a right spot in your city or for further information and clarifications, e-mail them at grow@livezoku.com.

Website: Livezoku

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