Restaurant Kaat Mossel celebrates its 25th anniversary with a unique mussel dish


Unique mussel dish and numerous festivities at restaurant Kaat Mossel Rotterdam for their 25th anniversary.

Chef cook Ron Hirt and his spouse and hostess Marie-Claire, celebrate the 25th anniversary of their restaurant Kaat Mossel in September. A fact that is celebrated in a festive manner in this restaurant in Rotterdam, which is famous for its timeless atmosphere, fair food and the recognizable faces.

Restaurant Kaat Mossel is throwing a party in September

While Rotterdam is on international lists as an über trendy city, the nostalgia is cherished at mussel restaurant Kaat Mossel. That’s where the attractiveness lies of this ‘gezellige’ (sociable, cozy) restaurant. The unpolished interior with numerous portraits of the 18th century mistress of mussels: Kaatje Mossel. The restaurant breathes characteristic temperament for which guests keep coming back for decades now. Throughout the month of September, the 25th anniversary is celebrated exuberantly. During the National Mussel Week from 29 August until 6 September 2015, there is a special three-course mussel menu for the price of € 25,= (for the 25th anniversary). And from 1 September all mussel dishes from the menu will be served at the price of € 19,90. The price refers to the birthdate of restaurant Kaat Mossel in 1990. This autumn they will present ‘The Golden Mussel’ in a playful way to a famous person who has done something great for the city Rotterdam. And as a sensational extra blow a mussel dish was created.

Unique mussel dish: mussels à la Kaat Mossel

The chef has created a new unique mussel dish: Mussels with fennel and thyme by the name of ‘Mussels à la Kaat Mossel’. Two kilos of the highest quality mussels from Schmidt Zeevis with fennel, parsley, garlic, thyme, olive oil, butter and white wine, all prepared in the wok. Guests will also get the recipe to take home.


Great idea to create a special dish for an anniversary and to give your guests the recipe to take home. We wish Chef Ron and his spouse Marie-Claire lots of fun with their anniversary celebrations in September.

Van Dobben Corner in Amsterdam Arena


  • Fotograaf Lody Stomp
  • Fotograaf Lody Stomp
  • Fotograaf Lody Stomp

At the first tier of the Amsterdam Arena, behind the F-side, opened the first ‘Van Dobben’ Corner. As from this footbal season, the beef croquettes, bitterballs (small round croquettes, famous in The Netherlands) and rolls with the Van Dobben veal frikandel or the Van Dobben luxury cheese soufflé are no longer only available at mobile snack carts. The Van Dobben Corner also serves: a ‘Van Dobben’ sausage roll and a special meatball roll with Hellmann’s Honey Mustard Sauce.

Van Dobben Corner

The first Van Dobben Corner just opened before the first home game of Ajax and was officially opened by former Ajax player Johnny Rep. There are already plans for several Van Dobben Corners in the Arena. Hans van der Linden, Catering Club and director Frank Visser, Commercial Director of Van Dobben are happy with their successful co-creation and have plans for more Van Dobben Corners in the Amsterdam Arena.

Bakery serves breakfast at hotel Eindhoven


  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten
  • Fotograaf Jaro van Meerten

The Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven has partnered with Bakery Schellens. Together they realized a traditional bakery in the breakfast room of the hotel. Guests can witness the baker preparing the bread and pastry products freshly. It’s a store-in-store bakery which serves ‘instantly fresh’ bread.

Worldwide, there are more and more large international hotel concerns that sign up for a cooperation with formulas that establish small pickup point in the lobby. Like for example small Starbucks outlets in various hotel lobbies, but also local bakers in others. A great example is the AMCE hotel in Chicago with the Weston Town Bakery in the lobby. A great addition is their, almost old-fashioned, Knock ‘N Drop service for breakfast.

Bakery serves breakfast at the Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

The store-in-store ‘Bakkerij’ is the answer of Bakery Schellens and the Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven to the growing need for ‘instantly fresh’ and artisanal bread. Additionally they will expect to interact more with their guests and offer them better quality and freedom of choice. Just grapping a quick breakfast to go, or enjoying the breakfast and slowly waking up in the breakfast room. Breakfast as part of the food-as-experience trend.

Guests can take a look behind the scenes and will have a choice of Frisian rye bread, croissants, several wheat buns, spelt- and sourdough bread, and the famous ‘worstenbroodjes’ (kind of sausage sandwiches, you should try one if you’re ever in the South of The Netherlands) and Danish pastry.

According to Rick Polman, director Van der Valk Eindhoven, is the Bakery Schellens a unique addition to the hotel and its presence increases the fresh experience for his guests. The Bakery is their response to the changing needs, trends and developments in the market. In addition, the Bakery works with themes and seasonal themes. Both the hotel and the Bakery focus on their own core business.

SAIL Amsterdam has interactive long range beacons


Unique interactions between tall ships and smartphones via long range beacons at SAIL Amsterdam

Every five years, SAIL Amsterdam is the epitome of historic tall ships. Next to the historical ships, SAIL has a world first in the field of mobile innovation this week as well. Using long-range beacons and the inBeacon software platform which was developed in the Netherlands, spectators get automatically information about some 10 special ships via the SAIL app once they are in the neighbourhood.

A unique experience during the SAIL-in-Parade

During the SAIL-in parade specially developed long-range beacons offer information about the ships to a range of 300 – 350 meters. Beacons are placed on either side of the tall ships to cover the span of the Noordzeekanaal which is 400 meters in total at some points. The information about the ships will automatically be provided when the ship is nearby and the viewer has installed the free SAIL app and a Bluetooth connection. High in the mast of the bark ‘Europa’ a webcam is installed that broadcasts unique live view images. The viewer gets a link to the images via the SAIL app as soon as the ‘Europa’ sails along.

Range up to 300 meters

Until recently beacons a maximum range of 50 meters. The long-range beacons that are used during SAIL contain specially developed chips that allow an effective range of up to 300 meters.

Innovative technology with a Dutch character

The Dutch inBeacon is a cloud software platform that interacts with the owner of the smartphone as relevant as possible. The smartphone interacts with the environment, or the environment reacts to the smartphone.

SAIL app

All beacon interactions take place via the SAIL app that is available for free at the Apple iTunes store and Android Play store . The app works on all new iPhone version 4s and virtually all newer Android devices from version 4.3.

Internet coverage in rural Sri Lanka using Google Project Loon


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, Mangala Samaraweera, announced on 28 July 2015 that the country will provide full internet coverage in collaboration with Google. It will be the first country in the world with affordable, universal access to the internet.

Project Loon

The Project Loon balloons drift in the stratosphere, twice as high as airplanes and above the highest clouds. Loon balloons are able to go where they are needed by increasing or decreasing their altitude and move to the layer in the atmosphere with the desired wind direction. Each balloon has a 4G wireless communication transmitter and a reach of about 40 km in diameter.

Facebook Aquila

Facebook is also working on the internet accessibility in rural areas under the name of ‘Aquila‘. The engineers of this company develop a solar-powered plane that can communicate with the ground via laser technology. Global Internet coverage for everyone is nearby now because these two Internet giants are working on it.

With these developments, communication during disasters and in remote areas will be cheaper and faster in the future, one of the motives of Google.

Restaurant Waag opened in Leiden


  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden
  • De Waag Leiden

This month ‘Waag’ opened in Leiden. The Waag was once the bustling center of Leiden but was barely used until recently. This summer, the monument is the vibrant heart of the city again.

The Waag as backdrop for traditional events

Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Waag under the magnificent vaults of the monumental Boterhal or in the new glass construction. The Waag remains the backdrop for the traditional presentation of herring and white bread on 3 October and the Waag will be renamed the House of Saint Nicholas in late November.


Great Persian rugs and a special lighting plan transform the stately monument in a place where it’s pleasant to stay. A wall full of old scales refers to the past, when ‘The Waag’ was the commercial centre of the city and traders had their goods weighted.

Glass construction

To relieve the monumental Waag and Boterhal an additional glass construction was built behind the high, vaulted room of the Boterhal. Here is a large open kitchen located in the glass construction with a private entrance to the Mandemakers Alley.

Chicken in the lead

Freshly grilled chicken plays a major role at the Waag. On a Josper charcoal oven chickens are freshly grilled in French or Portuguese style. In addition there are salads, pastas and culinary classics like a sirloin steak, prawns, satay and a burger on the menu.

Terrace in 2016

The monumental ‘Waaghoofd’ will be the location of the new ‘Waag’ terrace in the spring of 2016, and has room for 150 guests. To achieve this the main bridge of the Waag is moved to Catharina Alley in late 2015.

Debut BV – Hospitality Management and Development

The Waag is part of Debut BV, which is responsible for several successful restaurant concepts as Mad Mick’s Breakaway Café Rotterdam, STAN & CO, Belgian Beer Café Olivier in Utrecht and Leiden, the Mexican restaurants of Popocatepetl, Hometown Coffee & More in The Hague and Stadscafé Progress in Eindhoven.

Restaurant in Leiden with homely atmosphere


The historic building ‘The Volharding’ at the harbour in Leiden in The Netherlands is the home base of homely restaurant ‘Lot & de Walvis’ since a few weeks now.

Homely atmosphere at restaurant in Leiden

The fictional tour of Lot and her van that was named ‘De Walvis’ (translated as The Whale) went through Southern Europe and South Africa and recently ended at the port of Leiden. At ‘Lot & de Walvis’ American Barn wood and authentic weathered materials are used, mostly gleaned together by co-owner Rob van Wijnen himself. In the opening week, neighbours were personally invited for a drink and 80 people attended the neighbourhood drink. Friends and residents got a 25% discount to have a taste of the food in the first week.


The walls are plastered and transformed from sleek and straight into coarse and wavy. It was a nightmare for the plasterer who was used to deliver plain walls, but the result feels very natural. The various areas are named after the various rooms as you would expect in someone’s house. By using the same tables and style both inside and outside, the various areas of ‘Lot & de Walvis’ feel as one. On the toilet hangs a sign “The toilet design is Lot’s next project”, indicating why this space is less connected to the rest of the restaurant and still needs a make-over.

Food and drink

The extensive menu provides the opportunity to have breakfast all day. In addition, there is a cacophony of categories with headings like ‘bites’, ‘sandwiches’, ‘soups’, ‘small dishes’, ‘homemade burgers’, ‘Lot’s favourite dishes’, ‘desserts’ etc. The fans of refreshing fruit water can eat their hearts out with complimentary glasses of water from three jars with for example fresh melon water, citrus water or lemongrass water. There are beers available from the local brewery Pronck Leiden, wine lovers can definitely enjoy themselves and trendy Gin and Tonic lovers are served as well.

The Hospitality Group Leiden

Just as you would expect when visiting someone’s home, new guests are given a tour of the property, which, with its many nooks and spaces is well suited for a discovery tour. The waiters are already experienced in welcoming guests because a part of the crew worked at the party centre La France in Oegstgeest. Lot & de Walvis is part of the Hospitality Group Leiden together with Van der Werff, La France and City Hall. The board consists of the brothers Richard and Wouter van Leeuwen and Rob van Wijnen. Wouter van Leeuwen and Rob van Wijnen are responsible for the hospitality companies in Leiden. Richard van Leeuwen focuses on four Harbour Clubs based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Scheveningen and Ibiza.

It was a warm welcome at the harbour of Leiden. Although we would have loved to get acquainted with the real Lot!

Unique pop-up restaurants in Amersfoort


Coming Friday, 17 July there will be a pop-up dinner at a secret location in Amersfoort. There are still some seats left for adventurous food lovers.

Adventurous dining at pop-up restaurants

Visitors of pop-up restaurants are open to adventure and often naturally spontaneous. In addition, the hosts do a lot to break the ice and the reactions to the diners are positive. An interesting side effect is the free publicity the host location gets with such a dinner, and it offers unique closing events for locations as well. Two weeks after a dinner at the Porsche dealer one of the dinner guests bought a car and a number of sites closed shortly after the pop-up event, where the dinner leaves a nice final memory. There have been dinners at a gym, a library, a car dealer, a farmer barn and an art gallery. The initiative for the pop-up restaurants at special locations in the region was created three years ago at restaurant ‘Bergpaviljoen’ in Amersfoort.


The dinners host never more than 50 people at a communal table. Visitors come alone, in pairs or small groups. The location of the dinner will be a surprise until the day itself. When ordering tickets, guests fill in their mobile number and dietary wishes and leave their mobile number. They receive a text message with the location on the afternoon before the dinner. For € 59.00 per person, guests receive a welcome cocktail, appetizer, a 3-course dinner, plenty of white and red wine and mineral water, bread, coffee and tea with a digestive and sweets.

Superfast dinners in a giant jukebox during the funfair



Ibiza Restaurant in Tilburg (The Netherlands) turns its façade temporarily into a giant jukebox during the most famous funfair in the Netherlands.

Superfast dinners

Restaurant Ibiza lies at the fairground and at any day of the funfair the public can enjoy a delicious dinner at a number of fixed times. Dinner will take no more than one hour, guests don’t want to lose too much time! The meals in the jukebox are accompanied by musical entertainment. The giant jukebox will be on the ‘Heuvelring’ in Tilburg from 17 July to 26 July. Tickets are available through the website and range in price from € 19.99 to € 29.99 for a meal and two drinks.

Inspiration from the funfair in Tilburg

Tempting your guests with a great meal, served within the hour and a special entrance and music … Ibiza restaurant becomes part of the fair. A great way to approach their potential guests. What happens nearby your restaurant this summer? Anything you could anticipate on at an original manner? What would generate a lot of free publicity in advance and a lot of extra guests at the event? Restaurant Ibiza really understands the guests that are coming to the funfair, they love theatrical gestures, a good dinner and they need a lot of time to enjoy the amusement rides!

Playground CS is a pop-up beach opposite to Amsterdam Central Station


  • Artist-Impresion-Playground-CS-(c) Bete van Meeuwen
  • Playground CS logo
  • (c) Bete van Meeuwen

A pop-up beach for young families with children opens opposite to Amsterdam Central Station on 15 July. For six weeks, the former construction site of the North / South metro line will be a pleasant and safe place to play.

Playground CS

The pop-up beach is named ‘Playground CS’ and will be located at the Prins Hendrikkade. The beach will be ​​over 1500 square meters and approximately 250m3 sand is shipped to the spot from the former World Cup beach volleyball court at the Dam square.


Playground CS is an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs and is supported by the municipality of Amsterdam. The project is part of the ‘City in Balace’ program, which experiments to find a healthy balance between the growth of Amsterdam and the city life in clever ways. The project is conducted in collaboration with Tosti Creative and Amsterdam Verbindt.


Creative and sporty activities will take place on the beach every day for six weeks starting from 15 July onwards. Children can join activities like jeu des boules, a sand castle contest, child yoga, painting courses or an outdoor movie night. Although the initiative is mainly focused on children, it should be a nice place for parents and local residents as well. Adults can participate in tai chi or yoga classes in the morning, or start their day with a coffee and a newspaper in the sun. Cold drinks and snacks are for sale in a shipping container on the premises. More information about the project and its programming will be available on the Playground CS website.

Co-founder Joost Aartsen (Tosti Creative): “We hope to see five hundred happy faces daily at this exceptional location. It’s great that the municipality supports this initiative and wants to realize the project with ambitious entrepreneurs. The goal of this project is to form an Amsterdam collective to get the city in motion together. Anyone with good ideas is welcome to contribute.”


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