Doloris’ Meta Maze in Tilburg | Surrealistic art maze and rooftop bar


  • Doloris' Meta MazeDoloris' Meta Maze
  • Doloris' Meta MazeDoloris' Meta Maze
  • Doloris' Meta MazeDoloris' Meta Maze
  • Rooftop bar Doloris' Meta MazeRooftop bar Doloris' Meta Maze

It took them almost ten months of construction, but on the 17th of May Doloris will open their doors to the  surrealistic ‘Meta Maze’ and rooftop bar. Doloris’ Meta Maze (as the maze is officially called) is the new creative, touristic hotspot of Tilburg and the Netherlands. A surrealistic maze of 400 m2, full of art and a touch of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia or Stranger Things. A walk- or climb-through art experience with over 40 rooms of surreal art, designed and built by the creators of Karmanoia. In the realm of Doloris you immerse yourself in a world beyond ours. As you follow oblique pathways, slip through hidden loopholes, walk through walls and encounter mysterious objects, time becomes fluid. Meta Maze is the only “immersive art experience” of this format in Europe and unique in the world in terms of form.

Doloris ’Meta Maze | A step into another world

The art installation in Tilburg is the successor of the surrealistic maze Peristal Singum in Berlin that attracted more than 40,000 visitors from April 2010 to March 2014 and created unforgettable experiences. An alternative reality that triggers self-awareness and imagination and sharpens your senses. Led by the creator of the maze Tim Henrik Schneider, Berlin’s artists’ collective Karmanoia built the installation together with a team of Dutch artists. “We are happy that we can finally invite visitors to walk in and be part of this three-dimensional painting. This is an immersive experience. Every movement, sensation and gaze that the visitor makes within it will continue to form the maze and making it a place for very special experiences”, says Schneider.

He says: “A maze is a walking path or network of paths, usually leading from an entrance to an exit. Unlike a common maze, Meta Maze does not set the goal of finding your way out. ‘Meta’ is something that is not obvious, over or behind the border of the usual and visible. When you enter Meta Maze, you can experience a place beyond the actual maze, possibly within yourself. ”

Rooftopbar Doloris | Worldly flavors with a view of the skyline of Tilburg

Above the art maze you will find Doloris’ rooftop. At this unique location as a connection between the Spoorzone and the city center, you can relax and enjoy the skyline of Tilburg. The rooftop restaurant together with the roof terrace (including 360 ° view) makes Doloris one of the largest rooftop in the Benelux. During the search for a location for the art installation, Joep van Gorp came across this special place; an old post office right next to Tilburg Central Station, with a large roof terrace on top. Together with catering entrepreneur Jaap van Ham, owner of ‘Polly Maggoo’, ‘Café Bakker’ and ‘Het Ketelhuis’, and Steffan Oerlemans and Gijs van der Velden, from creative catering company ‘Cookaholics’, the plan for the rooftop bar has been worked out.

“Doloris’ Rooftop is a place where you can enjoy incredibly diverse, but surprising street food, cool cocktails, tasty drinks and the very relaxed atmosphere. A rooftop sounds like something that is mostly outside, but we have as many seats inside as outside”, says catering entrepreneur Gijs van der Velden. “We serve street food from all over the world, creatively presented in a variety of dishes to share. You can combine your visit to the Meta Maze with a visit to the rooftop, but the rooftop can also always be visited separately”, says Gijs.

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